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  1. MTWWTS: Ladies Converse All Star wedding sneakers

    We break new ground on Match The Watch With The Shoe (MTWWTS) today because it’s the first time we have ever dared enter the distinctly dangerous and frankly ill-advised arena of women’s shoes. I, perhaps like you, have spent too many hours in shopping mall shoe stores trying to summon the...
  2. Lacoste Mainsail Watch (green)

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Lacoste Mainsail Green Watch Good condition with original box $60 CONUS to paypal
  3. My Journey and Where This Site Has Led Me

    Public Forum
    I've been spending so much time on this site, I think it will do some damage to my back pocket! It's beginning to add up. So here I am making up for lack of posts with word count and dodgy photos using my iphone. Warning first, as a noob and a long long walk from being remotely near WIS status...
  4. Your opinions please....

    Public Forum
    Hi Everyone, After reading your postings for the last couple of days I've seen what an informative and helpful group you are and was wondering if I could ask your opinion on this. I'm going to be getting what I consider to be my first really nice watch and I've narrowed it down to three...