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  1. OCEAN7 & REVIEW OF LM-7 JUST PURCHASED w/bad cellphone pix,sorry

    Dive watches
    bad cellphone pix of my new LM-7 on an oversized 70s style leather cuff & original dive strap, on a smaller bund style leather backpiece with original dive strap, and a production picture not by me so you can see this watch better. had wanted one of these for awhile, being a dive watch nut. i...
  2. LM-7 Pro: still loving it

    Dive watches
    Few months ago, I smashed the sapphire bezel insert that came with my LM-7 Pro -- never thought it would happen, but it did. Dropped Mitch a line -- great communication by the way -- sent him my bezel, and he repaired/sent it back in 2 days. Reinstalled the bezel, and was immediately...
  3. WTB Ocean7 LM-7 or Helson Sharkmaster 600

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    If you have this O7 or Helson that you'd like to sell around $600, straps or not and irrelevant of colour/finish, please PM or email me at [email protected] Thanks all!
  4. OCEAN7 End of Year Sale!

  5. Ocean7 LM-7 BLUE DIAL Complete kit + Isofrane

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    S O L D THANKS WUS & BUYER I took this watch as part of a trade with every intention of selling it - but damn it is niiiice. So move before I change my mind!! This was always my favorite of the original issued Ploprof styled LM-7s. Issued in 2008-09. Ocean7's homage to the Ploprof case is...
  6. LM-7 CHRONOMETER -- Black Dial LNIB

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD - This is the solid, heavy-duty Ocean7 LM-7 Chronometer, black dial. It's one of the last few pieces (if not the last one) that Mitch personally gave a full inspection before he sent to me. It is practically brand new with no marks on it anywhere. This COSC is keeping time at an incredible...
  7. LM-7 Black Dial -- Pics and Drivel

    Well, I sat on my haunches long enough and watched the LM-7 slowly trickle out of the O7 inventory. And as I salivated all over my keyboard over pictures of the LM-7, I figured I'd get mine before they dry up completely. A quick email to Mitch returned a quicker email from him, telling me only...
  8. Up for something new ? WTT:::: These two for Kobold Steel SEAL

    WTT - Trade Corner
    I'm interested in a SS SEAL (with or without bracelet-if no bracelet the trade is then negotiable). PLEASE - no other trades Desire full kit with box and papers, but again. not essential Watch must be 92% + Willing to trade either or both of these depending on condition of your SEAL...
  9. LM-7 PVD - all black

    I got this not too long ago and finally came round to posting some pics. First post on this forum. I must say I'm really happy with this one. Has a solid feel to it and keeps excellent time. The lack of colour and and the brushed black metal with just a hint of polished details on the bezel...
  10. Ocean7 LM-7: PloProf Revisited (Review w/Pix)

    Dive watches
    Introduction. Many people are probably familiar by now with the Ocean7 Watch Company LM-7 project. Director of New Product Development Mitchell Feig conceived the LM-7 in August of 2007 as an Omega PloProf emulation. Coincidentally, or was it fate, I had just heard about the Ocean7 Watch Company...