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  1. Watchmaking
    Hi All, I recently opened the back of non-wpking Timex Indiglo CR 1025 cell and this piece dropped out. It's tiny! I'm talking 2-3mm. Any help figuring where it goes would be appreciated
  2. Stolen Watch Report
    Hi all, taking a real big shot in the dark here. I recently returned from vacation aboard a cruise that departed Galveston, TX. I've already contacted the cruise company regarding this but I was hoping for maybe some additional insight. Per the subject I lost my Nighthawk - unfortunately I...
  3. Stolen Watch Report
    MARATHON JDD SERIAL 253 most likely to be lost by USPS, or stolen by someone. Bought from Chris at in August 2014. Here is what happened: It was shipped to Marathon's certified repair shop. IWW - Jack Alexyon of Cary, North Carolina, for a glass replacement (there was a...
  4. Rolex & Tudor
    I was walking on a beach a few weeks ago, stepped on something sharp, and looked down to see the clasp part of a metal watch band protruding from the sand. Reached down and wiped the sand away, and it was a Rolex. There was nobody even remotely within my vicinity at the time who might have lost...
  5. Public Forum
    Hi, Is anybody on this forum able to give me a model number for the attached watch. The watch was actually my mothers, which she has lost. (we think the strap must have broken) The closest model i can find is THIS but my mothers was brown strap with gold so the model is different.
  6. Steinhart
    Hey guys,So I ordered a Marine Chronometer II Roman and Fedex told me they might have lost the package and will try to look for it under items that have lost their tags or sth...:-s In the event that it's really lost, what should I do? Will Steinhart be the one claiming from Fedex or do I have...
  7. Suunto
  8. Public Forum
    I got into watches this way when i inherited 2 watches and started to look for their origins. This was a gift from King Faisal of Saudi to my grandfather hence his name is inside the watch. I keep these now as my dress watches. Too old, but they got stories. Anywho, So i decided to go for...
  9. Stolen Watch Report
    I just had my vintage Heuer diving watch lost/stolen in the Atlanta Airport rental car facility Wednesday 23 March 2011. Steel case, black face and dial, numerous scratches on the bezel and dial, band was rubber w/ silver buckle. Photo attached as reference. Extreme sentimental value - I've...
  10. Straps & Bracelets
    Hi, I have a Breil BW0036 wrist watch, which has a metal link strap. However, the strap has become too tight, and I've managed to lose the spare links i had taken off. Can any one direct me somewhere I might be able to get some replacement links? I don't know where to start. Thanks in...
  11. Omega
    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I have noticed the recent questions concerning the Omega Seamaster Professional GMT (2234.50), and realise that I can possibly count upon at least 49 other GMT owners for their collective experience and wisdom. I wonder, however, whether...
  12. Dive watches
    Just thought I'd drop in from the Suunto/ABC/G-Shock forums to ask a diving question. I've read more than once about lost dive watches and wondered a) how you come to lose a dive watch/computer and b) how often you divers find one when you dive? Cheers.
  13. Fortis
    Seriously, I lost one of the lug screws for my new Fortis! :oops: Any suggestions where I can get a replacement or do I have to go directly to Fortis? So far the strap is staying in just fine, but I need that screw! Any help is appreciated. :thanks Photo shows which screw I am speaking of on...
1-13 of 14 Results