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  1. Citizen
    Hi, first post with this forum. Tried the search but nothing suitable came up and as this relates to more recent releases I felt that I didn't need to look to deep. I'm looking to buy a Citizen Satellite Wave and I'm wondering on thoughts and advice regarding the lume. I've seen a video review...
  2. Affordable watches
    Hopefully this isn't too narrow of a topic, but I recently bought a Lorier Neptune III and have been really impressed by the lume level. I don't normally wear a watch at night, unless I'm camping. The Missus and I took the camper out recently and I took along my Neptune for its first-ever...
  3. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hello WUS. Up for sale today is a vintage 1950's manual wound Eterna sub-seconds with beautiful radium lume from my personal collection. Selling because this watch unfortunately doesn't get enough wrist time anymore. Below are the specs of the watch Year: The 3,45X,XXX serial number on the back...
  4. Image Gallery
    Starting a little early this week with the Weekend Lume Shot. Lets see them glow!
  5. Grand Seiko
    Short question is the GS White Birch lumed? If yes could somone post a lume -shot? thanks
  6. Public Forum
    The debate between tritium tubes and applied lume has been a frequent topic of discussion here and I have no expectation this post will put that debate to bed. However, so far all I've seen are subjective opinions on the subject without any meaningful direct comparisons between the two. My...
  7. Public Forum
    Can we delete a thread on WUS?
  8. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    As the title states, I'm looking to purchase a Sinn 656L (full lume dial). Full set with bracelet preferred, but not necessary. Image taken from Google for reference. Thanks-
  9. Rolex & Tudor
    As the title states. Seiko not Rolex priced but the Lume is so much > Can someone explain ?
  10. Public Forum
    I think my favorite luminous bezel is on the speedmaster. I unfortunately don't own one....yet :) But if you have another favorite luminous bezel, I'd love to see it. Like it says in the title, pips alone don't count. What have you got?
  11. Dive watches
    I have my second (third if you count a parts watch) vintage diver in the air from Japan (Seiko 6458-6000), with plans on re-luming it myself among other cosmetic upgrades (really only wanted the watch because of the movement). That said, I know there are kits and materials out there, but has...
  12. Public Forum
    Okay, I've heard over and over that Vostok lume sucks, but my real question is what kind of lume do they actually use currently? I have an 80's Komandirskie that has tritium lume and my research tells me that they don't use radioacive lume anymore but both Meranom and list the...
  13. Public Forum
    Hello everyone, Is Simple and based on experience, we are only blowing off some Steam, not deciding anything, the rules are: Most be a well known brand, The watch most be advertised with lume, If possible, identifie the models line up Based on my experience, Casio has the worst lume in all...
  14. Affordable watches
    Hello everyone, Just a funny thread to guess the watch, It's a Lume shot and for a reason it is in the affordable watches topic. Good luck.
  15. Public Forum
    Hello fellow Watchfriends. When (how long after unboxing) did your dials startet to really show signs of healthy aging? What did you do with those specific watches activity-wise? Like out in the sun a lot, temperature and humidity changes, etc. And did you notice differences between different...
  16. Public Forum
    Hi all, The lume on my 5H26-7A00 has faded to useless. I would happily buy a new dial, but haven't found one. The alternative for me whilst continuing the search is a home re-lume. This is a shame since my current dial is close to perfect except for the lume. Some dimensionally similar dials are...
  17. Public Forum
    Give a quess
  18. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    [SOLD] Full set Zelos Horizons V2 GMT Frost (Fully lumed dial and bezel). Asking $775 USD shipped Canada or USA. International shipping a possibility but buyer will need to subsidize some shipping costs. Located in Canada (can deal in CAD for Canadians so we can avoid exchange fees). Open to...
1-19 of 268 Results