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  1. Lume? Recommendations?

    Public Forum
    Can anyone make some recommendations on where I can have my watches "re-lumed" (if that term even exists). I'd like to have a brighter lume on my watches... Thanks in advance GL
  2. Looking for EXTREMELY BRIGHT diver for around $200! Suggestions??

    Dive watches
    Hello, I'm a very avid watch enthusiast but looking for a new Diver Watch. I currently have an Invicta Pro 200m and I really like it. It's my work-horse, but I'm not really satisfied with the luminous dye in the dark. With a decent charge it's good for...10 or so minutes. I'm hoping to find...
  3. Full-Lume Fun: help me shop for something BRIGHT

    Affordable watches
    I don't need another watch, but I still don't have a full-lume dial. I'm pondering something in the 40mm range, ±2mm. I found a bunch out there. I like some from Aristo. I like the Komandisrskie K34. I like the Momentum Atlas, but I'm not in love with battery-power. Hoping for Automatic...
  4. Does anybody make luminous dials?

    Hi, all. I'm working on a project watch, and I'm looking to do something a little different. Everybody on earth has watches with black dials and luminous hands. Every now and then I see pictures of watches with black hands and markers on luminous dials, and I'm absolutely in love with how...
  5. Aristo Dakar - Hands Modified

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Well, this one is an affordable German and its really cool. Lume dial is great. Previous owner modified the hands and it looks great. Condition is almost perfect and there are no notable marks anywhere on the watch. The watch also includes two panatime leather straps w/ croc pattern and white...
  6. TT1 Diver with Luminous Dial Question...

    I have a question about the dial of the TT1 with the luminous dial....I have seen lots of pictures in my research regarding this watch and most of them depict the little arrows/slivers that mark the minutes as having some luminova on them (perhaps inlaid), but I have seen only a few pictures...