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  1. New models "Neapel" and "Palermo" - Laco Newsletter March

    The latest appearance of a classic: we present our new models "Neapel" (861965) and "Palermo" (861966) with orange luminous color! After phasing out our model "Turin", we now have two new models with Superluminova orange. They were inspired from our beststellers Augsburg and Aachen. Just some...
  2. Buying a Zeitwerk Luminous "Phantom"

    A. Lange & Söhne
    Hey all, been trying to find out more information on the beautiful Zeitwerk Luminous, the "Phantom". Am interested in purchasing one, but worried about finding one that's real, in good condition, and at the right price. Maybe I'm not searching the right terms, but I've had trouble finding...
  3. Looking for a watch with 3 criteria, help needed :)

    Affordable watches
    Hey everybody, I am looking for an affordable watch (less than $200) that should: i) be slim (case thickness is less than 9mm) ii) be WITHOUT a second hand (I cannot sleep with tic-tac voice of the second hand!) iii) have luminous hands or a light (wanna see the time at night) My current...
  4. Carrera WAR211a hands not illuminating for more than 10 minutes????

    TAG Heuer
    I bought a Carrera Calibre 5 in November from Amazon. The watch works fine, but the hands don't stay illuminated for more than 10 minutes. The watch could not have been manufactured more than a year ago because this watch debuted less than a year ago. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there...
  5. Interesting Time for NITE Watches

    Public Forum
    This is an interesting time for Nite Watches as they expand ever more into the dress watch market whilst maintaining and utilising what they've learnt from the military/tactical watch market. Clarity of vision and being able to read your watch at all times of the day is a function that can...
  6. Daytona Lume ****QUESTION****

    Rolex & Tudor
    Does anyone have thoughts on the quality and visibility of the lume on the Daytona Models. Is it typically poor by other watch standards? I can't say I am impressed with mine and I would classify it as difficult to read the watch at night. (my eyesight is fine) Your thoughts and opinions will...
  7. 24h or longer chronographs in watches

    Public Forum
    Hello Group! Most chronographs within watches run for 59 minutes 59 secs, and then stop at 00:00. This is too short. I seek a watch that has the following specifications: Luminous or good fluorescent; good dark visibility Water resistant. So lock-down crown preferred. Sweep second hand No...
  8. Luminous with analog alarm?

    Dive watches
    This is one of my first posts, so if there's a better section for this question, please let me know. I'm looking for a luminous, analog watch with an alarm and a date window. Ideally, it would have a rotating bezel, but a chonograph would be alright as well. Luminosity is extremely important...
  9. Breitling Luminous Dot for B-1

    I'm really outraged by this one. I own a Breitling B-1 (see below) and the Luminous dot fell out without me even noticing. I went to Tourneau and requested to order the missing luminous dot. I was told that this part is not available to order and the only way to repair it is to order a new...
  10. Watch for a month in Australia

    Affordable watches
    This morning I woke up thinking about watches. (That never happens…. mm hmm.) I was pondering this question: in January and February 2012 I'll be in Australia for a month for work. I'm a musician, and it's summer festival time in Oz. I have to travel lightly, and I should only take one watch...
  11. Why is Lume so important to some? Why isn't it to others?

    Public Forum
    Okay, we all know luminescence looks cool on our watches. But what other purposes does it serve? Do the majority of us spend that much time in darkness that we are able to really appreciate it? Can a company stand-alone on just marketing their lume? Thanks
  12. Skyhawk A-T Luminous Material

    Hello all, I know that the luminous stuff has been beaten to death and I have searched around to see what kind of material Citizen used on the A-T but can't find any answer. I do know that the A-T's markers are better than the 2G Skyhawks. Is it a derivative of Lumibrite (SL, etc)? I...