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  1. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Selling my 42MM Apple watch, just doesn't get enough wrist time. It has a small nick on the bottom left hand side, but its so small you can barely even tell on the photo. Overall, the watch condition is 95%. Besides that, there are no visible marks on the screen or back part. Watch papers...
  2. Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    this is one of the coolest watches ever!. from nooka. a new york based company. Nooka is a futurist design and captures the human eye. There is no doubt about that. This nooka watch is brand new in box. but battery is dead. I do have replacement battery and its an easy install. Just unscrew back...
  3. Suunto
    Hi, Got my first Suunto for christmas, a T4c with GPS and PC POD. 1) I've used a basic polar model before. Is it true that you can't use the "comfort belt" for swimming? Or you can but all signals won't be picked up? 2) Has anyone got the PC POD working on a mac? I've got Windows XP...
1-3 of 5 Results