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    I was just reading about the iPhone 12 release, considering upgrading my iPhone. They're making quite a big deal about the Magsafe feature which is on all 4 new models. It's a reasonably strong magnet embedded within the phone that will allow you to magnetically attach cases and accessories...
  2. Public Forum
    Hi I just realized my cheap little watch tools have been magnetized because I put them next to my walkie talkie, and the walkie has a big speaker with strong magnet. I tested all by putting the bits near a compass, and the compass moves. Even the buckles on my Nato straps have been magnetized...
  3. Public Forum
    Curious if Rolex ever were producing this burgundy dial Milgauss, would you buy it? Is it a bold attempt for men?
  4. Public Forum
    OK, so I am an idiot, and maybe the horror will subside in time, but I fear I have just ruined my pride and joy. I want to write and tell you guys, so the same fate doesn't befall you. I did the damage by changing the UPS box in our office. Now I hate to think what kind of magnets they carry...
1-4 of 4 Results