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  1. Casio G-Shock
    The Watch is an G-Shock DW 6600/1199 Recently I got a pretty beat up Dw 6600 from my dad, it was his watch until the bezel fall apart..... So as I got it the Battery was empty, I changed that, then I reseted the clock via bridging the Ac terminal. The watch is running now, but the back light...
  2. Omega
    I bought an Omega Speedmaster Co Axial Calibre 9300 from an authorized dealer. In short, the chronograph is not working. Start/Stop does not seem to command the watch to do anything. All of the relevant hands are stuck at the 12. What should I do? The store opens today at 9:30am. The receipt...
  3. Casio G-Shock
    So I was in USA this summer and bought two G-shock's. Super stocked, really nice watches, already have an old GA-100G very stable watch. So the DW6900 is very new to me. Now to the problem; it has gone all black after a month (I haven't really used it that much yet), so I thought it had to be...
  4. Suunto
    My first post. I just discovered this forum yesterday. I went through the entire Suunto archive to read about how people have done troubleshooting for the Vector. I have a Vector Black originally purchased in 2000. It is my everyday watch and has been working flawlessly. I change the battery...
  5. Suunto
    my X6HR has locked up on "east to south east" and wont calibrate. I switched out batts and no effect. Its on its way to the ServiCenter now. This is the first issue after being an X6HR owner for more than 4 years now. Thanks, Randy
1-5 of 5 Results