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  1. Orient automatic loose dial markers repair

    Gday folks Hello Mods, if this is in the wrong sub-forum I apologise and would appreciate you moving it to the right place? My wife's Orient automatic has had a few markers fall off the dial and they are floating around. I'd like to try my hand at fixing this but the extent of my skills up...
  2. Waltham Wristwatch - Masonic markers (unusual ones)

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Good evening. I write and show you this watch that I recently acquired in hope to find out more about it. For what I know: - Waltham original unmodified wrist watch - Probably 50's, maybe 60's - 35 mm case, gold-plated - Ultrathin (for the time), lightweight, 17 jewel movement - Unsual...
  3. Seiko 7002-7000 markers lume too green (?)

    Hi all guys. I recently bought this Seiko Diver 7002-7000. I already knew that this would have had AM Dial, Hands and Bezel but when it arrived home i suddendly noticed the color of the lume on the markers and hands. I think it is a lil bit too green with respect to what I expected. In fact I...
  4. Watches without single minute markers

    Public Forum
    Hey WUS What do you think about watches without single minute markers in between the five minute markers? Yay? Nay? Does it make the watch feel incomplete? Does it make you think really hard about reading the time? Let me know your comments: pic from Cyclonez
  5. Dive watches with nice, small hour markers?

    Dive watches
    Although it has some utility, I don't like dive watches where the hour markers take up so much of the dial; I like a clean, fairly empty dial. I can only think of 3 examples off the top of my head that have nice, compact hour markers: Kazimon 1500, Kobold Soarway, and the Blancpain "Tribute To"...
  6. Seiko divers / diver style watches with small hour markers?

    I'm looking to buy a Seiko strictly for its hour markers, for a project. I would like diver style hour markers, but I don't like large ones that take up the whole dial. Anyone have ideas for a watch with small, compact ones? Thanks!
  7. Now, THIS is a well designed dial I like

    Public Forum
    With the watches these days getting bigger and bigger and the movements inside being the same, I find that in most watches the date window is located too close to the center. In most cases the date window seems like a design afterthought placed there just because of market requirements - a...
  8. Luminor with orange markers... PVD Black case or Stainless steel. What do you think?

    Officine Panerai
    As of late I have taken an extreme liking to the design of Panerai watches, both the Radiomir and Luminor I find to be quite striking. I've decided I'd get orange markers / indicies. I cannot decide how I would want the case of the watch if I was to buy one though. I know the Stainless Steel...
  9. What is Dive watches anyway..your thoughts pls

    Dive watches
    Hi.. what is your concideration of ''dive watches''? i have some collection that says ''diver'' on its model name but for me divers watch must have few creterias such as -more than 500m resistant (yeap..not many of us dives that deep) -good lume -easy to read markers / dials -good rotating...
  10. What's the best hand/dial contrast?

    Public Forum
    I've been wondering for a long time what is the best hand/dial contrast. Most dive watches are white hands and markers on black dial. However, books are printed black on white. Green is the color the human eye is most sensitive to, I read. Also read Orange is the color that can best be seen at...
  11. Recommend a Seiko with these specs

    I easily grew tired of looking at a watch with short hands. Can you recommend a Seiko with the following specs: Include model numbers and if possible, post pictures, please. 1. Hour hand touching the hour markers. Minute and second hands touching they're respective markers. I noticed most...