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  1. FS: Vintage Marvin manual wind - $30 shipped in CONUS -- SOLD --

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale is a vintage Marvin hand winder from the 1950s, with a nice oversized case for a watch of its era (approximately 36mm). Watch is well used but not abused - plating on case and crown is quite worn and dial has a lovely patina, but it adds to the charm. Caseback is engraved in what...
  2. Hermetique Cased Marvin... What did I buy? Help with Identification

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I had been watching this listing for a while, because I liked the way it looks. Almost 1 year goes by and I decide to though in a 33% of asking price offer to start haggling. To my surprise it got accepted immediately. And boy, it sure doesn't disappoint either. Been on my wrist for a while now...
  3. FS: Marvin Carre chronograph with Lemania 1873

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I am selling this little gem with Lemania 1873 movement, perfect dress watch. It is a limited edition Marvin Carre chronograph produced in 400 pieces. The watch is in excellent condition, there are small hairlines on case from regular wear that are barely visible. Saphire glass is clean...
  4. Vintage Marvin Tank Dial- Original or not?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello all, I have a vintage 9ct gold Marvin tank which I think is 1930s that I am talking to someone about selling to them and the prospective buyer has queried whether or not the dial is original. I have always thought that it is the original dial. I was told when I bought it that it was all...
  5. Blue dials, Baby's got blue dials ...

    Oh yes, I know the lyrics are different and should read: "Blue eyes, babys got blue eyes, like a clear blue sky ..". In fact I am listening to Elton John's iconic song while I type! Why don't you click the video below and listen too while reading? Ok, so what inspired Elton John, inspired me...
  6. Everyone Needs A Super Hero – Marvin Watches

    Public Forum
    Drawing its inspiration from an advert from the 1950s discovered in its archives; Marvin has created its superhero and showcases it in a fun-filled, exuberant fashion by launching an 88-piece limited edition every year.For the very first edition of this incredible adventure, Marvin has partnered...
  7. Marvin watch from the 1950 - cheap & cheerful or unique ?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    What do you think about this Marvin watch ? Is Marvin a collectable brand ? Would you compare it to Omega or where does it rank ? What about the movement ? Tell me what you think ! Thank you
  8. AS 2066 question

    Hello all. I read a lot, but rarely post... I am fixing a NOS Marvin from the 1970s with the AS 2066 movement. I trashed it when I broke the date changing part (tip: don't try to take it off...), and some other parts, and now I managed to find on the 'bay a NOS movement. So all that will be left...
  9. EXCLUSIVE discounts for the WATCHUSEEK community by MARVIN Watches

    Public Forum
    MARVIN Watches organizes "Private Sales" on their e-shop between November 21 and December 31, 2011. It will go up to 70% off on more than forty models. The "Private Sales" is open to everyone, but ... MARVIN Watches offers another EXCLUSIVE Sales for the Watchuseek's community: - 40% on DN8...
  10. Marvin e-Shop Opens Doors

    News from the Watch Industry
    Marvin e-Shop Opens Doors Here's news you've been waiting for: the Marvin online store is finally open! A while ago you said "notify me when the e-Shop opens!" And so we're happy to let you know the time has come. Related link: Marvin.:.Home.-.Fine Swiss Watches Since 1850 - Luxury Swiss...
  11. Marvin Watch C°1850' success at Geneva Time Exhibition

    News from the Watch Industry
    A look back at Geneva Time Exhibition Building on the success of last year’s debut event, GTE 2011 tripled its exhibition surface to accomodate 60 outstanding exhibitors and kept all its promises by offering a highly eclectic watchmaking show. 6′000 watch industry professionals, private...
  12. Marvin News

    Public Forum
    Marvin is set to enter the US market with an updated line of watches, including the new Malton 160's, like this little beauty. I really like what they are doing. On Nov. 4th, they're also introducing a new signature watch for Sebastien Loeb, a rally driver.
  13. Marvin Loeb Special Edition Sports Watch revealed on November, 4th

    News from the Watch Industry
    Loeb Special Edition Sports Watch On Thursday, November 4, 2010 Marvin will reveal in Paris its eagerly awaited new collection developed as a Special Edition in partnership with its brand ambassador, Sébastien Loeb. He was recently crowned world rally champion for the seventh time and is...
  14. MARVIN Malton 160 Cushion Kaki, offbeat and unexpected

    News from the Watch Industry
    MARVIN - Malton 160 Cushion Kaki This offbeat and unexpected 160 Cushion Kaki model, an anniversary edition commemorating the brand’s 160th anniversary, is inspired by the Malton Spéciale issued in 1906. After the round version, this new timepiece expresses a fresh approach based on vivid...
  15. 18K Gold Marvin - Help with valuation and date from serial

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I picked up this Marvin off eBay long ago so I don't even know what I paid for it as it is has been in my collection. It's in fine shape and has a serial on the back of the case. I haven't opened it, and likely won't as I'll leave that to my buddy who is a watchmaker. It keeps great time -...
  16. my new old Marvin watch

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi all. I just bought this pocket clock, but my knowledge in this area is none so can you help get the most info about it? Genrally its working but stopps if gets a hit, I believe cleaning will fix this. as shown in this picture it is written M.W.C2 Springfield. and inside it is written...
  17. Marvin takes out the price of the jury for the watch advertising campaign 2008

    News from the Watch Industry
    MARVIN TAKES OUT THE PRICE OF THE JURY FOR THE WATCH ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN 2008 Marvin’s NEW TIME, NEW CODES campaign has been singled out by the magazine ‘Montres Passion’ to win the Price of the Jury for the Watch Advertising Campaign 2008. The honour is all the greater given that Marvin is...
  18. Marvin, first year, first success

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