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    It's 2021. Two weeks ago, a 126 foot long rocket, 330 million miles from home, dropped a rocket-propelled landing capsule at a precise location 7 miles above the surface of Mars. Travelling at twice the speed of sound, the capsule deployed a 70 foot supersonic parachute. At 200 miles per hour...
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    I was reading some old threads here trying to gain insights on cases, materials, quality, etc. I read some folks commenting on how it is very subjective and all in our minds. That when it comes to a polished case, they don't see that big of a difference from their kids watches to their more...
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    Perhaps due to my major, I gradually become addicted to materials. That is why I love the watches which are made of special materials. So far I have D-star Ceramos Quartz, Breitling Skyracer Breitlight Quartz and Omega Planet Ocean Titanium and I decide to collect more watches like that. So I...
1-3 of 3 Results