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  1. Russian watches
    Sorry if this is repetitive, or perhaps I missed it. But I jumped on Meranom today as I was looking for a "420" case or a "120" Amphibia. Anyway, everything was out of stock. And I thought, that was weird. So, I went to look at all Amphibia's and the only one that was in stock was "Amphibian...
  2. Russian watches
    Hi everyone. I just got myself one of the last SE 090722Ss produced (sandblasted tonneau case, blue sunburst dial, classic ф hands- it's a beauty). The problem is after an hour of wear it had stopped. I'd unscrewed the crown into the winding position and gave it half a rotation and it started...
  3. Russian watches
    Hello. I really liked the original vostok branded milanese mesh that was available at meranom some time ago. However it has been out of stock for a very long time. I see that komandirskie just sell milaneses with standard unbranded clasp (same as christopol city). Modded ones usually have...
  4. Watchmaking
    A year ago, I bought a Retro Vostok watch (model: Retro 540001) from Meranom. Some rain drops got on the watch, and afterwards I noticed there were a lot of droplets on the inside of the crystal. (The watch documentation states that it's resistant to rain and water splashes from hand washing.)...
  5. Russian watches
    I keep asking them for a refund and they tell me to keep waiting. I tried to call Paypal and they don't answer the phone due to the coronavirus so I filled out a form, which they sent to Meranom who will ignore it. Never again.
  6. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    For sale are various Vostok parts that are either: Brand new or removed from a new watch. I will specify this for each item. The shipping cost for anywhere in the USA is $3. I can also ship international for my actual shipping cost, but it might not be worth it for items with such little value...
  7. Russian watches
    Hi. There are just 3D render on preview, but already available for pre-order and costs appr. $105. 5 different designs What do you think guys? Upd I am definitely want the white dial version with separate seconds and central 24h and the green one
  8. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For your consideration is my 2014 Vostok Neptune SE This is the first run edition of Meranoms 960 SE The watch comes with box and papers, bracelet sized for a 6.75 wrist and all the additional links. Condition: this watch was worn approximately 40 times and is in beautiful condition. There...
  9. eBay Auctions
    Comes complete with diver style strap and zulu strap, box, documents. Glass and bezel has some scracthes. RARE VOSTOK NVCH 30 Meranom 2016 Limited Edition | eBay
  10. Russian watches
    Back from posting hiatus, I guess it's been, because of a story I think is fun. And a chance to give a 'Meranom treated me right' post. Bought a piece for a woman I've been seeing (have divorced since joining WUS). She'd previously dated a wis. (They are friends, apparently he saw a pic of me...
  11. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for a Vostok Amphibia SE 090 or 042 with black dial. Example on photo.
  12. Russian watches
    Hi guys, I purchased an Amphibia from Meranom a few weeks back and just picked it up from the post office a couple of days ago. I did quite a lot of research before buying it, so I was really excited! I opened the package and of course tried to wind the watch. I shook the watch to try and start...
  13. Russian watches
    Hi to all, I just received the Meranom S.E amphibia and i had a very pleasant surprise....:-) The watch is simply excellent..... i just love the dial and the black date... II just added a benarus rubber strap. Here are some pics ;-) cheers elio
  14. Russian watches
    Hello everyone, So here's my issue. I ordered two separate watches: One was the Komandirskie rugged 431296 from Meranom on 8/11/12. One was the Komandirskie beautiful 641686 from ChistopolCity on 8/10/12. The 641686 from ChistopolCity was processed and shipped by the day after I placed my...
1-14 of 14 Results