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  1. Affordable watches
    Hello all, Over the past few years I've been trying to amas a collection of Timex Mercury watches. I've developed a particular taste for this face style (italicized sans-serif font, seemingly released in the mid 70s from what I can tell). I was curious if anyone was aware of how many color...
  2. Public Forum
    The Favre-Leuba forum no longer exists. Please feel free to discuss vintage FLs in our Vintage & pocketwatches forum and the modern collection in Public.
  3. Public Forum
    Looking at the MERCURY Chronograph FL301 and wondering what other people think about this relatively unknown brand and thoughts on the movement, style, etc. I've added a pic for comment. I know the price is WOW as this gold model runs about 33-34K MSRP. Looks like you can get the steel Power...
1-3 of 3 Results