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  1. Miro Watches - Creme/Mesh

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hi all - updating my collection so selling a few. Making the difficult decision of this beautiful Miro watch (Miró Watches » Creme/Mesh). Details and pictures are below. It is nicely designed, and in good condition (an almost invisible thin scratch on the back case as shown in picture, all...
  2. The fraternal triplets, the 9000 series Mudmen

    Casio G-Shock
    ByThe 90XX series Mudman. Like the Gulfman of the same generation (wrote about it over here), Casio had made the G9000 (non-solar, non-atomic) VERY different from the GW9000 (solar and atomic) and to confuse matters, brought out the GW9010 (again both solar and atomic) all in the same few...
  3. THe Missing LInk arrived! Unboxing thread

    Casio G-Shock
    If you don't know, I tend to enjoy orange G's. Which also means I'm into the MIRO and G-Rescue series. :-p I've been after this last one for a year now. They just don't seem to pop up that often. :-| Out of nowhere it popped up on Rakuten of all places! No bidding, just one for sale...
  4. Rescuing a Rescue Orange Riseman

    Casio G-Shock
    Haven't seen one of these threads in a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd post up my 5min project. Recently got a 8,000 yen GW9200R-4 otherwise known as a Men In Rescue Orange Riseman. As predicted, not perfect. The good news is that I had a plan. Involving Tiktox Halfway there...
  5. Men In Rescue Orange (MIRO), Rescue G's, and Extended Family

    Casio G-Shock
    So, have you ever purchased a set of G-Shocks, or a single for that matter, thinking it was something, and it turned out to be something else but it made everything cooler? Well, that happened to me recently. Last week I purchased what I thought (and the seller as well, to be fair) was the...

    Casio G-Shock
    MIMO (Men In Mandarine Orange) - it's all that came to mind, please post your suggestions! :think: :think: :think:
  7. FS: NIB Casio G-Shock Men In Rescue Orange GW-M5600R

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    GW-M5600R Men in Rescue Orange Brand New in Box. Part of the Men in Rescue Orange Series but instead of having orange band/bezel it has a very cool orange tinted display. The watch comes with original hang tag, instruction manual, inner tin box, and outer box. Technical Specs: Multi-Band...
  8. Show all your ORANGES / Pumpkins !

    Casio G-Shock
    M.I.R.O. such a $$$ wallet hit. I can't afford it !! :-( Would WUS bro show yours own option. Thanks. Still looking for one like this ....