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  1. Tudor Black Bay 36 - Poorly aligned indices, misprinted rail track or my OCD?

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hi, everyone. I have recently purchased my first proper watch (from an AD) and to my surprise, after a day's use, I've noticed that the marker at 9 o'clock is not properly centered to the corresponding marker on the rail track. I've taken several pictures at different angles and, unfortunately...
  2. Got a new Tudor Black Bay 41. Nice but hands began to become misalign? Plus Movement issues?

    Rolex & Tudor
    When I checked the watch before purchase, btw the watch is brand new but sold to me at a reasonable price. All the hands alignment are ok and 6 o'clock forms a almost perfect straight line. Started running in the watch abit and tested the crown functions and set up the time a few times. Noticed...
  3. Armida A1 Factory Defects

    Affordable watches
    Hi, I received my Armida A1 42mm from 2 days. I found 2 mai defects: -Bezel insert misalignment, about 0.5mm -A blunt hit on the top left lug I mailed them 4 Times, from yesterday, asking how to proceed for an RMA, but i have not been responded. From your experience what can i do? I payed...
  4. Nomos hour hand alignment problem?

    Public Forum
    I happened to look at my watch a exactly six o'clock today and I noticed that the hour hand looks slightly ahead of where it should be. It is only really noticeable in relation to the seconds subdial. The weird thing is that the hands align perfectly on top of one another at 12 o'clock (and I...
  5. Seiko Sumo face misalignment; return or easy fix?

    After getting out of watches for a little while decided to return with an orange Seiko Sumo Got it in from ibuyjp on ebay and noticed the face markers and date window are slightly "off". The date isn't centered (numbers border the top of the window) and looking closely other markers are...
  6. Seamaster 300M Purchase from Amazon

    Hello, This is my first post, but I am thrilled to join such an active, vibrant community of watch enthusiasts and collectors! I am also very excited to take delivery of an SMP 300M (2220.80.00) tomorrow afternoon that I purchased from Amazon. I debated for quite some time about whether or not...
  7. Misaligned crystal on Poljot Traveler

    Russian watches
    I just bought a Poljot Traveller 3 alarm watch on e-bay. The crystal protrudes above the case by 0.7 mm on one side while it is flush on the other sideo|. I consider returning the watch for repair / replacement, however this should be an easy fix for a watchmaker? Othervise the watch is...
  8. Hand-misalignment

    Dear Forum Members, Just purchased a Flieger and noticed that the hands are a bit wanky. The second hand and the hour hand are between 20 and 25 minutes off (e.g. When the second hand is at 25 minutes, the hour hand is centred on the hour). Do you know what could have caused this? I take...