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  1. Zenith
    My father died in 2010 and left his watch collection. Some I could Identify the models, but the two Zeniths in the pictures I can't. Could someone please help me?
  2. Public Forum
    I wanted to do a summary post for my vintage Casio collection and figured I'd combine it with some puzzling out of the various Casiotron series and numbering. My vintage collecting is focused on Casiotrons but includes a few others that I've intentionally sought and some others that are...
  3. Public Forum
    This was given to me my father, I looked up on the Internet, but couldn't find this watch.... can anyone tell me which model is this breil watch?
  4. Public Forum
    This was given to me my father, I looked up on the Internet, but couldn't find this watch.... can anyone tell me which model is this breil watch?
  5. Seiko
    I want to try and find this watch model for my brother who had one just like it many years ago.
  6. Rolex & Tudor Fake Busters
    Any idea of watch model and details expert opinion needed
  7. Seiko
    Hi. Anyone who can help me with the model number om this Seiko. Thanks
  8. Omega
    Hi, I just inherited this Omega watch and am trying to figure out the year and model. I have found very few (maybe 1) that may have been a match but felt the match was inconclusive. Based on the engraving on the back it is probably late 1940's or early 1950's. Any suggestions would be really...
  9. Affordable watches
    Tucked away in the gloomy town of Glasgow, Scotland, are a team of trained artists that have been quietly producing breathtaking enamel dialed watches, that are consistently getting better and more popular. anOrdain have even recently made their way into the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Store in...
  10. Breitling Fake Busters
    Hi guys, I just received Breitling watches as a gift from my grandmother and I would like to know what is the model name. Eventually if you think they’re not fake and what is the approximate value of them. Is here anybody who can help me with that, please?
  11. Ball Forum
    Hello All, Is there any place one can use to reference all the model made by Ball both currently and in the past? Thanks, George
  12. Reviews
    I just published my review of the Alkin Model Two, a compressor style diver that has an almost 'minimalist' approach to dive watch design. I love how legible the entire dial is and how effortless it is to read. Detailed written review with macros - Alkin Model Two - Beans & Bezels Happy...
  13. Reviews
    I've had my eyes on this watch for a while now and I've been following Seals on social media for a while, but wasn't convinced enough to pay the full retail price of $800 for this watch. I recently managed to find one pre-owned for a pretty good deal so I finally pulled the trigger. I've had it...
  14. Seiko
    Hi all, A friend of mine recently offer me these 2 seikos, but since I've never had a seiko before, I'd like to know which model are these two and if it's real or fake seiko? Warm Regards.
  15. Public Forum
    Hi All, Researching my latest watch of interest (a Nivada) I was amazed at the wave of enthusiasm that must have happened in the 1960s with the "new" automatics on the market. A tidal wave of names hoping to innovate on the automatic base: Automatic, Seikomatic, Bellmatic?! Show us your...
  16. Seiko
    I saw this Seiko 5 on sale on a local classifieds. The watch got sold instantly and the seller no longer has it as the seller sold the Seiko for $20 Brand New In Box from an official retail store too. Unfortunately for me I wasn't able to nab it, but I wanted to find out the model, as I never...
  17. Seiko
    Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew the model number of the watch pictured below. Thanks in advance!
  18. Seiko
    Hi guys, thought this was SAR range Seiko i found in Paris Seiko store but having trouble identifying it online. Can anyone help with model no. and details.
1-19 of 48 Results