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model numbers

  1. Need help with a Bentley

    Breitling Fake Busters
    I need to help, is this a real or fake Breitling for Bentley. Can you also help me with the collection name and year? I would also like to know is there other places that I can find the serial and model number other then on the back plate? Any and all info will be greatly appreciated. Thank...
  2. Help identify my watch

    Hi all, I got this watch in the 80s and I have no information on it. Hope the pics will help. The back has Stainless Steel and the number 188008472 I am trying to identify the model and what it might be worth. I could not find anything online. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The...
  3. Explorer II series and case/bracelet differences

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help. I am about to buy a second hand Explorer II and would like to understand the differences between the different series. I found this resource which matches series with year(s) of manufacture...
  4. What do Seiko model numbers mean?

    Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a Seiko 5 military watch. I noticed that the same models seem to have various model numbers. Specifically, Seiko 5 SNK809K3 ($109)...