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  1. Please welcome our new moderator Chibatastic

    We are happy to announce that Chibatastic signed up as one of the moderators for this Omega watches forum. I'm sure he will do a great job together with the other mods Zidane, GaryF and emmanuelgoldstein.
  2. OT: Why so many forums?

    Public Forum
    Hi folks, As I was scrolling through the WUS forum top level to get to the few forums I frequent, I wondered why we have so many forums? (I searched for previous discussions on this but couldn't find anything particularly relevant.) Is there some historical reason for picking the ones we...
  3. Please welcome epezikpajoow as the new co-moderator for this forum

    Dive watches
    Watchuseek is proud to have epezikpajoow in its team of moderators.
  4. Flash: Marrick agrees to help moderate Vintage!

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    With Ray's departure to the land of Public, one of the more popular forums on WUS (yes, it is US - Vintage! :-!) lost a great moderator. Since neither JohnF nor I want to work any harder than we already do, we managed to get Marrick to agree to join us as a Vintage and Pocket Watch Forum...
  5. The Art & Science of Watches: An Appreciation

    Public Forum
    I don't know about you, but I often find one of the most sublime things I can do is merely observe and enjoy the viewing of fine timepieces. While ownership of a fine watch is a pleasure to be sure, I take great pleasure in viewing a fine watch, whether wreathed in the right blend of light and...