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  1. Help modding San Martin bronze 6105

    Affordable watches
    Hello, Was thinking of putting an aftermarket 6105 dial on the San Martin 6105 homage (I've attached the SM watch and the dial I am thinking of buying). Any suggestions? I'm okay with silver hands and indices on a bronze case. Will I also need to buy a chapter ring? The ring it came with is...
  2. 5610 bezel does not fit DW5610SU-8

    Hi guys! Need some help.. Super new to watches, needs some answers to what I experienced... I recently got a DW5610SU-8 and wanted to change the bezel. Went to carousell and got this guy to help me out. He tried to fit a 5610 bezel but it was too small. He proceeded to fit a 5600 bezel...
  3. Virtual modding (Photo-editing) Share-it here !

    Casio G-Shock
    I had the idea to create this thread because it is something that I like to do and that I often do (not only on watches) to see or imagine how this object could look like with some changes. I guess I shouldn't be the only one to do that ? :think: The idea is to share your edited images here...
  4. Helson Shark Diver - where to get raised indices or other mods?

    Dive watches
    Hi, I really like the Helson Shark Diver and want to get one with raised indices / markers. I have seen some in the sales section but would prefer a new one. I cannot find the raised mod on Helson's webshop (or any other modification options). I sent them a mail but have not heard back (yet)...
  5. Modded Orient Blu Ray II: Yobokie coinedge bezel and ceramic insert, Blushark NATO

    Dive watches
    Orient Blu Ray II with a Yobokie coin-edge bezel and black, retro ceramic insert with marker? (what's that thing called?) The strap is a Blushark Alphashark (their premium line) "Uncle Sam" NATO strap. The blue in it almost perfectly matches that of the face (bit of a gamble but it...

    Image Gallery
    For all of you out there who have watches on a Jubilee bracelet ... I for one am a fan of Jubilee bracelets! post them!|>
  7. Dial compatibility question

    Hey guys, This is my first post here so if this is the wrong spot, Im sorry! haha please let me know where/how I should move it, if it is the wrong place. My quick question... regardless of movement, assuming a watch dial physically fits into a case, can you just trim the dial feet and it'll...
  8. How does a sub-second module is being built on top of base movements ?

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hi friends, Seeing many watches with a base ETA movement, and various of "modules" modifying the movement to add additional features on the dial such as a sub-seconds sub-dial on 9H. How does it works ? How do they transfer the center seconds to the 9H position (or other positions) ? I know...
  9. Watch re-lume

    Affordable watches
    I am trying to locate somebody who can re-lume watches in the UK. It appears to be far more difficult than it should first appear.
  10. Change to Sapphire Case Back --Possible??

    Officine Panerai
    Total Newbie here, so apologies if this is a dumb question: I'm ga-ga over the Pan 244 but would really, really, REALLY, like to be able to admire the movement. Is there an after-market way to swap out the steel case back for a sapphire one? I've seen this done on some rolex watches, so I'm...
  11. Seiko 7002 Mod is complete

    Hi all. I posted this up on the Omega forum yesterday (because my collection is mainly Omega) and thought that it obviously belongs here as well. So here it is. Okay, I hate the term "Franken" when talking about modifying watches, but it's been in use for so long that I figured it was...
  12. OT- FrankenSeiko Saga: The End

    Okay, I hate the term "Franken" when talking about modifying watches, but it's been in use for so long that I figured it was easier to use it than try to think up something else. Oh, wait a sec, I could have just called it a modification, I suppose. :-s Oh, man, I'm tired. Anyway, for those of...
  13. Ω and the ETA 2892

    hi pal i was reading some info for this movt and these i what i found: from wiki: ''The ETA 2892.A2[7] is however, widely considered the more upscale of the basic ETA movements, is regarded by many horologists as being in the same 'quality' range (accuracy and reliability) as the in-house...