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  1. SOLD!!!FS: Vintage Molnija ChK-6 (4-25) wristwatch!!!

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    SOLD!!! SOLD!!! SOLD!!! Brand/Model: Molnija СhK-6 (4th quarter of 1952) Location: Belarus, Minsk Price: $250 + free international shipping with track-number EMS shipping + $50 Details and Pics: Greetings to all! Let me introduce you my Molnija wrist watch project! It is based on vintage...
  2. FS : 2 x 3601 Molnija movements + 2 cases for project

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    Hi, selling 2 vintage russian movements 3601, 15jewels. Both movements are recently serviced - dissasembled, cleaned and put back together all by profesional watchmaker. 1) 15 j geneva stripes, serviced molnija pocket watch 40$ shipped 2) Never finished hommage watch, molnia 15 j ...
  3. Marriage/Converted soviet molnija (precise 3602 - 2-th quarter of 1967 year)

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    Also with a sore heart I need to let it go to move for other mods :-( Movement - one of early variations of 3602 movement (18 jewels, 18000 bps) - precision model with swallowtail regulator. Movement already has no cotes de Geneve, but the bridges are brushed in nice way, at this variation...
  4. SOLD: Marriage/Converted soviet molnija (early 3601 - 4-th quarter of 1948 year)

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    With a sore heart I need to let it go to move for other mods in order not to affect much family budget ;-) The heart of the watch is an early variant of chk-6 (so-called 3601) molnija movement with 15 jewels, and 18000 bps, manufactured in year 1948, 4-th quartal (marked on central bridge)...
  5. Molnija wristwatch antique

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    Let me introduce Molnija antique wristwatch. Antique original case with "olive". Original blue hands and crown. New re-printed dial. Serviced slim movement (ЧК-6) 3-50 year. Ch2Z (2nd watch factory) Leather band (for first time) Price: 170$ with registered shipping worldwide.
  6. FS: Molnija Russian Pocket Watch, 1980 Moscow Olympics Version with Mishka - $100

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    For sale is a good condition Molnija Russian pocket watch. It is the 1980 Moscow Olympics version, with the famous mascot Mishka the bear. Blued hands. No box or papers. The watch winds and run fine. However, given its age there are quite a few scratches, etc. The crystal has many small...
  7. Anyone got any wristshots of Molnija Pocket Watch Conversions?

    Russian watches
    Hi all, Anyone got any wristshots of Molnija Pocket Watch Conversions? I have been looking some of these recently but I am rather concerned that they will look ridiculously large on my wrist! Cheers, krishna
  8. Molnija Frankenwatches, opinions?

    Russian watches
    I recently bought a couple Molnija "Frankenwatches". I'm a college student on a budget and wanted a decent mechanical watch. After spending more time on here than I should have (instead of studying), I ended up buying these two watches with Molnija 3602 movements. I realize that these are not...
  9. USSR Watch Identification? (Supposed Molnija)

    Russian watches
    Hello everyone and thank you for reading. My first wedding anniversary is coming up, and as my husband is an enthusiast of both Soviet-era artefacts and locomotives, I thought that this wristwatch would be a perfect gift. However, since browsing through this forum and Googling the supposed make...
  10. Newbie: Advice and info needed (Just purchased a Molnija)

    Russian watches
    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and new to watches in general. My name is Simon and I am from South Africa. I am turning 18 in 2 weeks and I have had an interest in mechanical watches (Specifically pocket watches) for a couple of years now, but I have not had the money to purchase my own...
  11. Need help identifying possible Molnija

    Public Forum
    Hello my first post here, So I purchased a Molnija pocket watch on Ebay several years ago, and only began recently doubting its legitimacy. I was wondering if anyone here could help tell me if it's real or not and if it is, what time period was it approximately made in. All the other 3602...
  12. pocket watch conversion

    Russian watches
    for those interested in converting a molnija pocket watch to a wristwatch
  13. [FS] Lovely Molnija 3603 movement, serviced and decorated PRICE DROP

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    Brand/Model: Molnija 3603 Inca bloc Location: Sweden Price: 100$ shipped with standard mail. Paypal only Add 8$ for expedited shipping with insurance and tracking number. Details and Pics: Up for sale is a wonderful russian Molnija 3603 with anti-shock (incabloc). The movement has been...
  14. [SOLD]: Molnija "ЧЧЗ" and 3602 movements with blued screws and polished bridges

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    [SOLD]: Molnija "ЧЧЗ" and 3602 movements with blued screws and polished bridges Brand/Model: Russian Molnija ЧЧЗ & 3602 movements in great condition Location: Sweden Price: #1: 75$ shipped worldwide. SOLD #2: 65$ shipped worldwide. SOLD #3: 65$ shipped worldwide. SOLD (Add 8$ for insurance...
  15. 3-52 Molnija ЧЧЗ ЧК-6

    Russian watches
    Any idea what time frame this logo was used? I was going through some watches and all of sudden this struck me. Not sure why it never jumped out at me before. :/ It does not show up in Michael Ceyp's "Faszination Sowjetische Uhren" or on russian_logos Have not been able to find a similar mark...
  16. Molnija or Kristal?

    Russian watches
    Hi! I'm wondering why some Russian mechanical pocket watches which look ALOT like Molnija pocket watches, are named "Kristal" (or "Krystal", "Kristall", "Crystal" - btw, what is the correct way to spell it?). Here is an example: To me it looks like they are in fact Molnijas. Does anybody...
  17. Questions about my new Molnija

    Russian watches
    Hello all! I just picked up a Molnija watch this afternoon and I've been trying to find out information on it ever since. It's my first wind-up and also first Russian, so I'm rather excited about it. Finally got that pocket watch I've been wanting. From what I've seen elsewhere on the forum...
  18. pimp my watch, my projects based on russian movements

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hello I would like to present some of my projects. I am using russian movements. First one on the pictures below is compately redesigned russian watch pobieda with 2602 movement. I changed the movement trying to make it skeletonised. After all I made new second hand, painted the dial. I also...
  19. Is it legit?

    Russian watches
    Is this legit? Old Soviet Russian Pocket Watch MOLNIJA CHCHZ 1962 USSR | eBay

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