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  1. Dive watches
    Hallo, I need advice: without any apparent reason (I wasn't even wearing it) the second hand on my Momentum Deep 6 Vision got stuck. T he watch works regularly, the problem is just about the second hand. Is there anything I can do without having to take it to repair? Any help is really...
  2. Affordable watches
    Greetings! I'd like to buy an affordable watch of Canadian design (for sentimental reasons), and I found a Deep 6 Vision 1M-DV66B8B by the price of 114 CAD, that's roughly 95 USD ($). First I'd say that I like the looks and size of this watch (even if I already know many of you surely find...
  3. Dive watches
    First off I wanted to thank everyone that helped out on my low end dive watch thread. This forum has been a great resource for learning about watches. I got some great suggestions. I really wished I had some more cash to play with because a couple of the Seiko's and the Ecozilla really caught...
1-3 of 4 Results