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momentum deep 6

  1. Momentum Deep 6 Vision - second hand stopped

    Dive watches
    Hallo, I need advice: without any apparent reason (I wasn't even wearing it) the second hand on my Momentum Deep 6 Vision got stuck. T he watch works regularly, the problem is just about the second hand. Is there anything I can do without having to take it to repair? Any help is really...
  2. advice about Momentum Deep 6 Vision 1M-DV66B8B

    Affordable watches
    Greetings! I'd like to buy an affordable watch of Canadian design (for sentimental reasons), and I found a Deep 6 Vision 1M-DV66B8B by the price of 114 CAD, that's roughly 95 USD ($). First I'd say that I like the looks and size of this watch (even if I already know many of you surely find...
  3. Momentum M1 Deep 6: My First Review

    Dive watches
    First off I wanted to thank everyone that helped out on my low end dive watch thread. This forum has been a great resource for learning about watches. I got some great suggestions. I really wished I had some more cash to play with because a couple of the Seiko's and the Ecozilla really caught...