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  1. Movado Kingmatic - please help with identifying model and if it's real!

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi, This watch used to belong to my grandfather and I would like to refurbish it (I know it's in very poor condition) but it still works! It would be great if someone could help me identifying the model and also if it's real/fake? Thank you, Vicky
  2. Anyone who can assist me with a question about Movado...PLEASE?

    Public Forum
    Hello out there. My wife recently bought a Movado SE 0604458 for me from one of the watch stores in the Forum Shops at Caesars Vegas. The question that I have is due to a discrepancy I find between this Movado and my others. I own 4 other Movados, but am certainly not an expert. The Movado she...