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  1. Omega Fake Busters
    I would be grateful if someone will enlighten me about this movement?
  2. Public Forum
    I have my dad watch a Citizen Seven Quartz with Day and Date and it's not working. I wanted to replace the movement as this watch is sentimental for me and memory from my late dad. Does anyone know what movement it uses (it has a CR2016 battery). I wasn't able to find anything on this watch. I...
  3. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi WUS and vintage lovers, I wanted to get your feedback on something that has been on my mind recently. I truly appreciate vintage watches, and have several pieces in my collection. But I know that they will need servicing soon... and I'm starting to get a little concern, since I have heard...
  4. Watchmaking
    Hi people of watchusseek, I was hoping someone could help me identify the watch movement below. I can't find any info on "Precia" on the dial and there aren't any markings on the movement itself. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I don't know anything about watches so I'm asking for some guidance. A couple of days ago I found a tiny watch in an old chess at my grandma's. It has about 1 cm of diameter and it says CORD. I read a couple of post in this site and I gather that CORD is a standard name for the main brand...
  6. Watchmaking
    Hello everyone, I work a lot with cloisonne enamel and grisaille enamel but mostly in non watch settings where underlying metal is more than 1.5mm thick. I tried to do the same on a 0.4mm and 0.8mm dial but they are all cracking in later firings destroying all my work. It has become extremely...
  7. Want to Buy WTB 7s26 Movement

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    If you have a 7s26 that is in good working order sitting around let me know. I currently have a project with a case that is just a hair too thin for an NH movement and the 7s26 is ever so slightly thinner and should fit perfectly. Happy to cover shipping costs or pick up in the Charleston SC area!
    $15 USD
  8. Watchmaking
    I have a case for an old quartz that I would like to drop an automatic in. Unfortunately the inside measurement of the width is 21mm. Any suggestions for an affordable auto or mechanical movement that would fit in that size case? Ideall I am thinking 19.5 or 20mm so I can put the movement holder...
  9. Breitling
    I've been looking at the Breitling Premier Automatic 40 which has a listed movement of the Breitling Caliber 37 in it. There is not a date on the dial, but this page has a date complication listed for this movement. Is this a case of the date complication not being "used" with Breitling not...
  10. Longines
    Looking at buying the Legend Diver (looking at the used/discounted market on places like Chrono24 etc.), but want to make sure I’m getting the new one with the 72 hour power reserve and increased antimagnetism properties. (I know the previous version had 64, but hey, I want the extra 8 hours if...
  11. Public Forum
    Hello everyone, Does anyone maybe know a website where I can purchase a Seagull JHLS 32 movement. I already did a lot of research and found it in a catalog of PTSResources but could only find a JHLS 33 with the option to actually buy until now. If anyone knows a site where I could get the JHLS...
  12. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I’ve got a WW2 era (1941) Waltham wristwatch with the premier 9 jewel 6/0 42 movement. The balance seems bad and my local repair person wants at least $350 to fix and service it. My thought is I’d try to find out if there’s a modern hack movement that I could just swap out and just transfer...
  13. Public Forum
    Hello, can someone identify this movement please?
  14. Citizen
    How are Citizen automatic movements compared to Seiko and Orient automatic movements? Which automatic watches would be comparable? What makes an automatic watch valuable or sought after? Just trying to understand more about these Japanese automatic watches, thank you.
  15. Watchmaking
    Hello there, I‘ve wondered if you think it’s possible to build a watch movement from eta 6497 parts with two balances. I know that the two balances wouldn’t make the movement any better because i didn’t include a differential but it would certainly look more interesting. The parts would be...
  16. Watchmaking
    Some time ago my friend got a vintage Seiko 5 from the 80’s. Very nice piece indeed but after some time he ran into some problems, crystal fell off. When visiting watchmaker to get a new one he also got movement serviced. After all these things the movement is no longer fitting the case, it’s...
  17. Affordable watches
    Hi guys, I just came across a cheap Accurist watch that looks quite intriguing: The Accurist Skymaster MB929B I wonder if anyone has this watch? I couldn't find the movement specifications and I am really curious about what's inside this case! Thanks!
  18. Watchmaking
    Dear timepiece loving society, Excuse me my language skills and, probably, lack of elementary knowledge about quartz movements available on market, but from few weeks i am in a contstant pursuit to find a solar powered, radio controled quartz movement sold, possible to buy in bulk (i mean in...
  19. Public Forum
    Hey guys, I have been looking at a lot of watches without seconds hands and noticed they have a little finishing/disc/cover where the hand should be over the end of the pinion. Does anyone know what that part is actually called? I had seen them somewhere but completely forgot what they are...
  20. Seiko
    Hi everyone, I've recently ventured into the world of watch modding and have decided to try and build my own watch from scratch. I decided on the Tuna and have bought all the parts I needed but while putting it together I came upon two issues. The first is that the dial I bought doesn't seem...
1-20 of 369 Results