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mr-g 110

  1. Classic MR-Gs

    Casio G-Shock
    I love the MR-Gs. Especially the 100 and 200 series... and of the 100 and 200 series, the MR-G 110 is tops. I'd like to buy more and more of these... Especially steel models which seem to be less common. If I get a couple 110Ts I'll send one to get DLC coated for $50-$100. I'd like to see a...
  2. Sweet MR-G 110 just arrived!

    Casio G-Shock
    Another vintage MR-G added to the collection woohoo:-) Thanks again to Pare Mel:thanks I'm a bit ticked off though!:-| The usual watch repair guy was not in today where I bring my watches for batteries. It was a new younger fella. I come back after 25 mins and he tells me the watch failed the...