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  1. High-end watches
    Here's the news I received in my inbox today, and it's almost overwhelming. The title of my post says it all, there's MUCH going on at Speake-Marin. And from what I read and saw it's going to be some exciting months too! Do you agree? I hope you have had an excellent summer (or...
  2. German watches
    Hello all, I recently bougth a Ls sport watch abroad. However i have some problems with my watch and would like to have repaired it under garantee. However i cant find any website nor any other information About either the watch or the manufacturer.... Can someone help me? And tip or hint is...
  3. Clock world
    Hallo Everybody! I have one Question: Does someone know the précision Pendulum clock kit Mechanica M1 from Erwin Sattler in Munich? Or the clock kit Mechanica M2? Here you can find something about it: Klick! Much fun while surfing!..:-) :-)
1-3 of 3 Results