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  1. Seiko Coutura SSA313 - Looking for certified opinions

    Seiko watch reviews
    Dear Watch lovers, I am new to this community and to the love of watches too. As a newbee and I did not want to start with over $1000 watches and at the same time was looking for a reliable brand name with automatic movement. Seiko Coutura fits both my requirements however I am not sure about...
  2. HELP! Buying first watch

    I want to buy this watch from Inventory Adjusters. Some people on this site have had positive experience with this site. However, my Google search showed a few complaints. I know it's hard to tell with just two pictures of the watch but is this watch genuine? This is my first post so I can't...
  3. Quartz

    Affordable watches
    Post pictures of your favorite quartz watch/quartz collection! Think it'll be cool! -Ali
  4. Watch Collections under $1500

    Affordable watches
    Hey! I thought it'd be cool if everyone put together some of their watches that would be under 1500$; mainly because I wanna see what nice watches I could buy for that much haha! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Recommendations for someone who knows nothing about watches

    Public Forum
    Hello all, I am looking to buy a nice watch for myself, but I do not know anything about brands or styles. I never had a watch before, and they were never used in my family. I am like a child lost in the woods. If you can help me with some recommendations and show me the right direction, I...
  6. New 18 year old watch collector- Need help

    Public Forum
    Hi everyone, I set up my watchuseek account today in order to get into the world of watch collecting. I have had a passion for watches since the age of about 5 and have had many, but i want to get serious about collecting. My collection so far is: (think these are the names) -Citizen Eco...
  7. Purchase opinion between Omega Speedmaster (Speediorite) Soyuz or Speedmaster Schumacher?

    Public Forum
    Hi all, I am brand new here and seeking to make a first purchase of a nice watch. I wanted to get your opinion on which you would get and why - between the two that seem to be the standouts for me at the moment... First up is the Omega Speedmaster Schumacher Legend, which the lady loves...
  8. Just ordered first Tag!!! Very excited!

    TAG Heuer
    I have been wanting a Tag for quite some time now, and today after much research and debate decided to make my first purchase:-). I was skeptical by going the online route, but after reading through many WUS forum posts and information I feel quite comfortable with the site and that I should be...
  9. First Watch Advice

    Affordable watches
    Hey Everybody, I'm new to the forum, and to watches in general, so I was hoping I could get some advice on what to get as a first watch. I'm looking for something kind of dressy but it doesn't have to be super elegant. Just kind of elegant and can be worn well with a suit. I haven't ever really...
  10. I'm a Newbie; Need advice: Is Stuhrling a bad choice?

    Public Forum
    Hi. I've been looking for a gift for my boyfriend. He only has one watch that I've ever seen and I'd like to start buying some for him. I made an impulse purchase of a Stuhrling Original Symphony Aristocrat Automatic Skeleton watch for him and then I started reading and saw a lot of mixed...
  11. Hamilton Khaki Officer Auto

    Public Forum
    Hey everyone. This is my first post, after reading the forum for a long time. I am looking to buy a Hamilton Khaki Officer Auto. I was wondering if anyone here has one, that is a few years old. And if you could tell me how it has held up over time. Also wondering what the normal service might...
  12. New Watch Buyer - Need advice with details

    Affordable watches
    Hi all, I have been reading the forums with interest these past few weeks, and have found a great deal of helpful information, but nothing that exactly answers my question - I would love the input of the wonderful minds that gather here. I am looking to purchase my first mechanical watch. I...
  13. Frederique constant persuasion, opinions for a first time buyer

    Public Forum
    Lads, after looking through tons of material, I've arrived at a watch I'm in love with. Frédérique Constant | All Models The frederique constant persuasion, It's a wonderful looking moon phasewatches watch costing 850 euros, from a department store. As just wondering anyone has this watch...
  14. Boy just became a man

    Public Forum
    So a little bit of boasting but mostly a big thank you to watch fans alive on the internet... After years of dreaming, months of research and weeks of waiting patiently, I am the proud owner of my first ever non-quartz watch, the beautiful Nomos Zurich Weltzeit. This 26 year old has taken...
  15. New All Black Suunto Core On The Way!!!

    Just wanted to test the waters here and get my first post out. After much lurking and deliberation I finally bought an All Black Suunto Core for $275 on Amazon! If anyone wants to give me any feedback or maybe a "walkthrough" of the things I should do on the 11th (my birthday!) after it arrives...
  16. Sinn now vs IWC later vs BP much, much, much later

    Public Forum
    Hey all, I'm new to the forum, and I'm hoping you wise watch-lovers can provide your insight and opinion. I'd like to upgrade my watch. I'm seeking an everyday watch, something that could wear well from the beach to the office to the infrequent formal event. I generally like relatively plain...
  17. 1st Dress Watch

    Affordable watches
    I'm in the market for a dedicated dress watch. I'm a college student and will be soon be interviewing for grad school and will be going on practicum/internships for psychology now and in the years to come. So I need a watch thats gonna have some lasting power. Something that's classic and...
  18. What 'in house' should I buy!?

    Public Forum
    I am looking to purchase a new watch. Ive got approximatly £3000 to spend. It has to be an in house movement preferably on a steel bracelet and have a date function. Other than that im not really looking for any other complication. I currently own a speedy pro, I love the watch but never use...
  19. WTB - Hamilton Jazzmaster

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    New to the Fora and watch collecting in general, but I'd like to find a Jazzmaster for a reasonable price (~$500). Does not have to be new or mint. Must be willing to ship to Canada. Thanks :-)
  20. I would like to purchase a used flieger type watch

    Pilots' & Military watches
    Hello all, I am new the the board. I am also new to collecting watches! I am trying to find a deal on a real watch either a Zeno Piolet, or a Fortis... Something that looks along the lines like this (see link below) I am a...