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  1. New Collector Looking For Advice

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    Hello! As the title said, I am new to this site and new to collecting in general. I became interested one day when I purchased a Tag Heuer Chronometer for a dollar at a yard sale. I still cant believe that that happened... But! Nevertheless, It got me very interested in watch collecting and id...
  2. Next Purchase

    Public Forum
    I'm new to WUS and to collecting. I am looking for some advice on my next purchase and how to fill some of the major holes in my collection. I currently have: The citizen is on a metal band most of the time. (all of these pics are borrowed) Thanks for your help.
  3. What NOT to do with your luxury wrist watch,

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    Hey everybody, i recently took the plunge and bought myself a speedmaster professional off ebay. This will be my first watch of any significance and it wont be arriving till tomorrow, but already i have filled my head with all the great things me and my new watch will experience together. IT...
  4. Long time lurker, first time poster. Intro and starting collection.

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    Hello everyone! When I decided I needed to leave behind "fashion" watches I had no idea what I was getting into. A lot of on-line research led to a lot of posts on this forum which, combined with a few early mis-steps, led to me newfound love for mechanical watches. The next thing I knew, I had...
  5. Greetings From New Member! Advice Wanted

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    Hi All, Greetings from Sydney Australia! Im a newly registered member on WUS. Have been refering to this forum for the past few months to acquaint myself and grow my knowledge on fine time pieces. Besides the greeting, i want like to hear about others the story behind how they came to acquire...
  6. bought my first good watch

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    I just bought my first decent watch. I got a Blancpain Villeret ultra slim, possibly 1990's, 34mm. Stainless Steel case, date, Numbered on the back with metal band. I'm also posting to this forum for the first time. I'm wondering if I can get more information about this watch with the number on...
  7. Help for new watch collector....please

    Public Forum
    I am new to watches and just learning the terminology and what is quality versus brand name junk. Before I make my first purchase I am seeking advice from you, if you would be so kind. I am looking for a few of your recommendations under these categories: Price range: Anywhere under $1,500.00...
  8. please delete

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    Okay guys, I'm new to the world of watches and I want a watch that is admired by genuine watch collectors. I'm trying to steer away from fossils and expensive designer brands. The first watch I had my eye on was an Invicta automatic and this is where I really need help, because from what I have...
  9. Watch collecting shall be my new hobby!!

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    I have always been interested in nice timepieces ever since my father told me a real mine shows class through his timepiece. I am new to the game, but want to start strong. I have had a few chronographs in the past from Kenneth Cole to everybody's starter watch the Fossil. I have graduated to...
  10. First time poster with my new watch.

    Public Forum
    Hey everyone! I've been reading, learning and jealously 'envying' from these forums for a long time now... With the recent purchase of my newest watch, I figured it might be time to say hi! I received this Hamilton Khaki Mechanical in the mail about a week ago and yesterday took 5 minutes to...
  11. new member from UK!

    Public Forum
    hello all! i would like to introduce myself, long time reader of this forum, but have only had the guts to join today! I'm a 22 yr old student from the UK with a love of watches, now wanting to start a proper collection, so here is a picture of my first "serious" watch, a Rotary Chronospeed...
  12. Why the Speedmaster Pro Moon Watch is practically the perfect watch

    Its my first post on the forum and it's been great to read all of your posts and thoughtful comments on all things horology. I have to say that after pulling the trigger and buying a Speedy Pro it is damn near the perfect watch. Here's why: Like many of you, having been interested in watches...
  13. Trying to start a collection, could use advice

    Affordable watches
    Hey everyone, I'm new to these forums and to watch collecting so please forgive me if I don't use the lingo. I have learned a lot from this forum already in regards to watches and different types. I would consider myself a casual collector, I already have a few decent watches (what I would...
  14. How should I start a collection?

    Affordable watches
    I just stumbled upon the site a couple of days ago and have been thoroughly impressed with everything. I've never collected and am intrigued by the idea of picking up one or two. I don't know a great deal about watches yet, though I'm learning. So here's my question: if I were to start with a...
  15. WTB - Hamilton Jazzmaster

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    New to the Fora and watch collecting in general, but I'd like to find a Jazzmaster for a reasonable price (~$500). Does not have to be new or mint. Must be willing to ship to Canada. Thanks :-)