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  1. Tag Heuer Formula 1 RESTORATION

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    This thread includes the Restoration of a Tag Heuer Blue Formula 1 REF. WAC1112.BA0850 (which you can see in pictures below) Within this thread, I'm going to comprehensively document the process of this self-restoration project. I am experienced so hopefully it should be a smooth process but...
  2. 5 pics of my Tissot Visodate as a Thank you to so many on this forum

    This is my first post and it comes as as a 'Thank you' to so many people on this forum whose information and enthusiasm I relied on extensively as a silent reader these last weeks. I know that a few pictures are a pale thank you I know but it was the only way I could think of to payback and...
  3. Election Grand Prix Information Needed

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    Hello to you all. I would like to introduce myself since i am very new to the world of watches and new to this website. My name is Sjors and i am 22 years old. Im from the Netherlands. Recently my grandfather died and i inherited a gold ELECTION watch from him. I have been surfing the web but i...
  4. Orient Automatic 1970´s for sale

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    This is a almost brand new watch that was meant for sale in the 1970s but has been unworn and stored, i bought it a month ago, but now i saw another watch that seriously catched my eye so i need the funds. its not new because i weared it once to try it on. It even still has its original swing...
  5. FS: Renato T-Rex

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    *** sold *** FS: Renato T-Rex *** sold *** *** sold *** Hello fellow watch geeks! As many of you, no doubt, have found your selves in this same position, I've overextended myself a bit with recent purchases... That, and I've suffered a significant financial loss this week... Paring down the...