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  1. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hello all, I've already posted about this on the Heads Up! thread, but it got locked as the new month began, so not sure if it's been missed. Or maybe I'm just stating the obvious (I'm new to Automatic watches!) :-) I bought the Rider M002 Bauhaus-style Watch when it went on Sale to $60...
  2. Damasko Uhren
    Hi everyone. I'm nearly a week into owning my first Damasko, as DA44, but have noticed that the movement is extremely noisy, much more so than any other watch I own. Is this normal? I can hear it ticking sometimes even when my arm is in the down at my side position, but perhaps more worrying is...
  3. Public Forum
    Ok, I've had my Hamilton Jazzmaster for a week now, and after having handle a few other Swiss Watches, I feel like this Valjoux 7750 in my watch is VERY loud. This is actually a modified 7750, called caliber H-21. Anyway, I've heard of the 7750 wobble and learnt to live with the loud whirring...
  4. Public Forum
    Ok, So I got a Hamilton Jazzmaster Chrono for Christmas from the parents, and I'm more than happy with the watch. They bought it online as there are no AD for Hamilton in Australia whatsoever, and putting an airfare ontop of an already expensive watch was far out of the question. Anyway, my...
  5. Straps & Bracelets
    Well I didn't destory the actual bracelet, just what holds the case and bracelet together. Exhibit A: I went to the watch repair shop in the centre and got it put back together. I got new pins, and he had to bend some links and the brackets to fit on. So the watch is assembled, just not very...
  6. Casio G-Shock
    I was just wondering ever since I got my first Casio when i was a kid, the alarms never really woke me up. Does anybody else think Casio should start to make the alarm louder? Vibra alarms are cool but they don't work for me either. What do you guys think?
1-6 of 6 Results