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  1. Omega first memories

    Nostalgia time... What are your first memories of the brand Omega? What did Omega mean to you? Can you remember the first Omega watch you saw? Lie back on the sofa and let's get to the root of your watch problem... ;-)
  2. Why did you choose Vostok- Europe?

    Russian watches
    Dear Vostok-Europe owners and fans, This is my first post in watchuseek forum and even first post about watches at all. I am newly baked watch fan and i am especially attracted with Russian watches. Maybe because of my living affiliation to eastern Europe( i am from Lithuania, the motherland of...
  3. Zeno Nostalgia 1868 "Hand-Winding" -- Source?

    Affordable watches
    I'm curious if anyone knows of a dealer that might have the following watch: Zeno makes a few versions of this: an automatic with a coaxial second hand, a manual wind with the second dial at 9 o'clock, and a manual...