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  1. Seiko Recraft different # of links on either side when purchased?

    I recently purchased a Seiko Recraft and am very new to the watch world. I am curious because the watch came with one more link on the 12 oclock side than the 6 oclock has. My question is, Is it normal for a brand new watch to come with an uneven number of links? I know people adjust to have...
  2. Info of Tissot by number.

    Hello! Can I get the information about the authenticity of modern Tissot watch from case number and warranty card information online or contacting Tissot:-s or is that imposible? Regards, black8ball
  3. How many jewels?

    Public Forum
    Hello everyone, Please forgive me if this is not in the proper thread and if not, where to ask this. I'm curious about the quantity of jewels in high accuracy quartz watches. How many jewels are normally in high accuracy quartz watches? At what point or how many jewels does a quartz watch...
  4. My GW-A1000 RAF serial number

    Casio G-Shock
    My GW-A1000RAF serial number is 001A191B. Does this mean it was the first one made on the 191st day of this year?
  5. Serial # for Citizen Watch

    Hello. I have another question about my new Citizen Aqualand 20th. Anniversary Watch. The serial # on the back case is 9 digits long. It is 231020091. All the pictures and reviews of the watch I have seen show 6 digits at best. I bought the watch from Jomashop and are starting to wonder if...
  6. Help on Eterna 1948 Series Eterna-Matic?

    Public Forum
    I bought a new watch from a official retailer, an Eterna 1948 Series Eterna-Matic, officially certified chronometer, it has been sitting there in the store several years, and been manufactured sometimes around 2000-2001 i think. The shop assistant could not tell much details of the watch to me...
  7. T-Touch Model Number - Help Needed!

    So the other day, the wife and I were watching a certain movie with Angelina and Brad (I'm sure you all know where this is going...), when she screams at me to stop and rewind so she can see the watch that she just fell in love with. She has to have it. And, of course, being the great provider...
  8. Sinn serial numbers?

    Hi All, Received my first ever Sinn today, a U1.... what a cool watch :D Most expensive I have ever bought, but it sure feels unique amongst the sea of omega/tag owners at work :) My question is about serial numbers... If you have a serial number for example 1010.1234 , would that mean...