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  1. Poljot Okean Creative Strap Combos

    Russian watches
    I've been a strap buying binge. Here's what I came up with for my Poljot Okean Maktime Re-issue: Blue REWA heavy duty single pass strap. I actually don't remember where I go this. The blue matches the blue on the watch, but I actually don't like that. I think it looks better to have...
  2. FS: Poljot OKEAH Vintage 1981 3133

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    From my private collection this 1981 Poljot OKEAH Chronograph. The Okean chronograph was made in the Soviet Union during the latter half of the 1970s and throughout much of the 1980s and were Soviet military watches specifically issued to officers of the Naval (Red) Fleet. Nowadays you see a...
  3. Poljot 3133 Okean Woes

    Russian watches
    Hi All, I bought a Poljot 3133 Okean re-issue on ebay and it has broken twice, and I'm pretty disheartened. I don't know if this watch is just poorly designed, or if I just got unlucky and got a lemon. I bought the watch in January. In February, the chrono hand started resetting to :01 rather...
  4. OKEAN - go vintage or go Final Edition

    Russian watches
    Recently I have fallen in love with the Okean and am thinking of getting one. My dillema is whether to go vintage or the new "Final Edition" that doesn't seem so final :) I usually go down vintage route on my watches and on a Strela it makes perfect sense as the vintage one has a different...
  5. FS: Poljot "OKEAH" 3133 chronograph

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    My apologies for not writing in German, understanding and reading German goes well, speaking also, but writing… For sale from my personal collection is this Poljot “OKEAH” 3133 chronograph. Since I wanted an OKEAH but didn’t know if I would like it on the wrist I decided not to search...
  6. SOLD! Sturmanskie "Okean" WUS Final Edition, Like Brand New, Never Used

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD! Thanks everyone! Hi everyone, I bought this in the WUS project, #259 of 300. I put it in my closet when it arrived and never touched it, never wore it, never wound it and never took the clear vinyl protectors off the face and back. So it is virtually untouched and brand new; in fact, the...
  7. Okean/OKEAH 3133 number of winds decreases

    Russian watches
    Hello, I have noticed something strange on my 3133 powered watch. I wind it daily at the same time. After a few weeks the number of winds needed to get the mainspring fully wound decreases. It used to be 13 winds, then 12 and now it is closer to 11, as if the power needed to get the watch...
  8. Hunt for Sturmanskie/Okean Chronograph

    Russian watches
    Hello forum, This is my first post here, so greetings to you all! For the past days, I have been trying to look for a Sturmanskie Chronograph, preferably the stainless steel version with the 31659 movement. As you probably know, finding such a watch in a decent condition is no easy task. After...
  9. The OKEAN's father found?

    Russian watches
    Recently during a deep fleabay troll i came upon this: I believe this 7734 Dugena pre-dates the OKEAN. So the Soviets lifted the design minus rotating bezel? Or vice versa? What do y'all think? Sorry if it's a repost in any way Edit: It's come up before here...
  10. OKEAH Reedition vs. Vintage PREMIRA

    Russian watches
    So, I finally managed to unearth a vintage watch in the OKEAH look. It is a Premira, French brand of a Mohertus Trad Co., made in France, with a Valjoux 7733, a coarsely engraved bridge (not stamped, too expensive I guess). It works just fine and comes with a space era rally stainless steel...
  11. Okeah new arrival

    Russian watches
    My Okean arrived today it is the "no crown at 9 version". I purchased this from Julian at I put it on a NATO for now as the blue strap it came with does nothing for me. Can anyone tell me more about this re-issue? When were they produced and why was the crown at "9" left off. Any...
  12. Can you fix my watch?

    Russian watches
    Hi, my Okean has a problem -- the chrono start/stop button doesn't work, which makes the chrono run all the time. No watchmaker here wants to touch russian watches, so I'm pretty stuck... Are there any of you who are qualified to fix my watch, preferrably live within the EU and have a good...
  13. My Okean finally arrived!

    Russian watches
    And it's beautiful.. At first I was a bit uneasy about it, but after wearing it a day I totally fell in love. It's in great condition, except that the chrono start/stop button seems to have been damaged during transit.. :-( Hopefully it's an easy fix! There's some rust near the buttons as...
  14. The Value of Okeah ?

    Russian watches
    Wow, I was watching this Okeah, it was $76+ yesterday, however today the bid stands at $536 !!
  15. Is this Okean a fake?

    Russian watches
    Hi, I'm trying to start a collection of russian watches. So far, all the "good" offers I found were from Ukraina and turned out to be franken. This has given me a little bit of a depression (it's horrible to never be certain of what you're buying :-(), but now I've managed to dig myself out of...
  16. Never seen on this forum

    Pilots' & Military watches
    Since the Soviet union had an air force of some kind:roll: and the worlds 2nd or 3d largest watch industry I have to post my beloved ones: A Sturmanskie, 40th anniversary since Gagarins flight into space and an early 3133 Soviet Sturmanskie chrono. I searched your forum and found one post, my...