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  1. Linde Werdelin
    Some images I shot today of the Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moonlite White... Great watch for the summer b-) Enjoy!
  2. Linde Werdelin
    Hi guys For those of you who have been asking, below is a link to the full detailed review of the LINDE WERDELIN Oktopus Double Date Carbon - Green. It includes underwater testing with and without the REEF as well as some great background information directly from its creators, Morten Linde and...
  3. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello: Looking for LW Oktopus I titanium or DLC. Will consider HB II or III models. Thanks.
  4. Linde Werdelin
    More information at Linde Werdelin : Home
  5. Linde Werdelin
    It was only a few minutes that I was able to visit the Linde Werdelin booth at Baselworld, but they were well spent. I got the opportunity to get a closer look at the new Spidolite II. Fro, left to right: "Tech Green" and "Tech Gold": The case construction is a true testament to supreme...
  6. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi Guys, I'm looking for one of these LWs preowned in mint condition: SpidoLite SA DLC version or the original Oktopus in titanium or Oktopus II with blue numerals. If you are willing to sell yours, please contact me via PM. Thanks for looking! :-)
  7. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hi All, For sale is my Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Titanium Blue Watch. If you're looking at this listing then I'm sure you're familiar with Linde Werdelin, but if not then please check out their website and become familiar with the most dynamic brand in the watch industry: Linde Werdelin...
  8. Linde Werdelin
    While you have been catching the same old 07:41 commuter for the past decade, hoping against hope you will collect your pay-check at the end of the month, Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, from their headquarters in fashionable Notting Hill in London, have created one of the most exciting brands...
  9. Linde Werdelin
    and check out their great offerings for Linde Werdelin:
  10. Linde Werdelin
    We featured the Oktopus II Double Date way back in early March and we told you then that you would have to wait until Autumn 2012 to get your hands on one. Now the watches are starting to roll out, and in the process they are whipping up another feeding frenzy among all the watch journals and...
  11. Linde Werdelin
    Hi all, On March 8th I will visit the LW booth at Baselworld. Let me know if you have any questions you like to be answered.
  12. Linde Werdelin
  13. Linde Werdelin
    We promised you a sneak preview of the Basel launch... LINDE WERDELIN has redefined what a sports timepiece can be. The Oktopus II - Double Date is our interpretation of what the ideal timepiece should be for modern diving. It is the best diving tool designed with no compromise between function...
  14. Linde Werdelin
    LINDE WERDELIN, renowned for creating meticulously crafted timepieces with attachable digital instruments for diving and free skiing, presents Oktopus II-Double Date at BaselWorld 2012. The Oktopus II - Double Date is our interpretation of what the ideal timepiece should be for modern diving...
  15. Linde Werdelin
    not the best shots, but what a great timepiece looking great whatever wristsize (my 6'') Was able to catch some pieces unsold :-xo| rare round me, and try out their greatness. Used my iphone for the so-so pictures. That last shot, Real popular limited as are they all based on the photog. thread...
  16. 2009
    Linde Werdelin launches the Oktopus 1,111m at BaselWorld 2009 The Oktopus, the most 'masculine' watch of the LINDE WERDELIN collection, has been crafted with the diver in mind. Along with the dive instrument - the Reef -, this new model is the ultimate diving accompaniment for any diver...
1-16 of 17 Results