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omega x-33
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  1. Watchmaking
    Hey guys! Need a hand here from the Omega experts out there! I've got a Gen II X-33 that's running at -22s/month! I've carefully followed the steps to adjust the rate in the Omega 1666 technical guide by touching the +C contact to the battery + terminal while in CS Test mode 1 etc. While doing...
  2. Omega
    After a lot of sleepless nights in the forums, I decided to finally pull the trigger on a 2nd gen x-33 2 weeks and now that I finally have it, it's time to get "strapped" as usual to preserve the flawless titanium bracelet that came with the good as new x-33 that i received :-! My first thought...
  3. Omega
    My Omega X-33 Second hand just started acting erratically. It doesn't move for a little while, then jumps back and forth 1 second, then stops again. I replaced the battery, then reset the time and synchronized the hands to the time. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I am interested in buying an Omega X-33 Second Generation model with titanium bracelet that has the inner and outer boxes, warranty card and pictogram, manual, and tags, and that is in pristine condition: no scratches, scuffs or dings, that is working and has no issues. Prefer to go PayPal...
  5. Omega
    Dear Folks I have the opportunity to buy a X-33 (first version) or a flightmaster caliber 911, both used but in good shape from a local watch collector. Taking the money equation out and given that I am in love with both models, could you help me decide? thanks a lot! Patricio
1-5 of 5 Results