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  1. Omega
    My Omega Seamaster Omegamatic the capacitor is dead and I've now sourced a new one. Would any of you happen to know how to replace it? Can you please post a step by step instructions with pics if you have? Thanks in advance
  2. Omega
    Hi, I couldn't find this being discussed anywhere else. I am after an Omega repair specialist in London. I own the Omega Seamaster Omegamatic, which needs a new capacitor. Omega boutique quoted me £275, which I know is a normal price but seems a bit much. Does anyone know of any good places...
  3. Omega
    Hi friends, Just wanted to drop a short note to those who'd like to know...I've finally fixed my Omegamatic. I'm so happy. Well, "fixed" isn't really the right word. I was just able to source out the capacitor needed to keep the power reserve...though it's not OEM, it works just fine...
1-3 of 3 Results