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  1. STOWA
    Hello. I have been refreshing the website all day to see when a Stowa agent is online. I want to order a watch and have a few clarification questions. Since I don't live in Germany, I'd prefer to chat online or via WhatsApp.
  2. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    Looking for a watch strap retailer in Canada, that makes a wide range of styles (leather, NATO, dive straps etc.), that are good quality... Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Public Forum
    Hi All, I am really in the mood to pre-order the Kairos Watch. Have read a lot good and bad about it, and I am just curious what your thoughts around this watch are? Thanks in advance,
  4. STOWA
    Hi Everyone, I have never ordered from Stowa Online shop before, so I have some questions. I recently ordered a Stowa Flieger No logo No date with custom engraving on the Stowa online shop. I got a order confirmation number and received the same information on email. Because the email seemed to...
  5. Steinhart
    For the past two weeks and months... i just couldn't stop noticing that STEINHART GERMANY had been bombarded by frequent complaints of poor response to order emails or delayed shipment or even in-complete package received(warranty card, user manual)... What i've noticed is that most of the...
  6. DOXA S.A.
    I guess I am the very last one who could order a 750T Pro! Fingers crossed that everything will work out just fine and I will soon hold my first DOXA! :-! I will keep you posted! Take care! Mike ****************************************************************...
1-6 of 7 Results