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  1. Seiko Blue “WaterResist” 6139-6015 – Overhauled in preparation for sale – MUST SEE!

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    Seiko Blue “WaterResist” 6139-6015 – Overhauled in preparation for sale – Excellent Vintage Condition MUST SEE! For your consideration is this gorgeous vintage Seiko chronograph caliber 6139B, Model 6015 in Blue. It has undergone a complete overhaul (June 2017) and is working great...
  2. Reliable servicing in Seattle area?

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2001 Colt automatic A17350 that i need to perform an overhaul, i will be out of town in mid july for two months, so i was wondering is anyone live nearby or have any experience in other online reputable watch repair store that can do the job? Or i can just wait until i come...
  3. Best Company/Place to have ETA overhauled/Serviced?

    I've recently sent out a watch with an ETA 2783 movement, nothing wrong with it just needed an overhaul - was just curious to see if there were any shops you might recommend overhauling and sending it to CONUS. I saw Govberg Watch repair has a banner here at WatchUSeek - any experience with...
  4. Overbanked Colt Automatic? (Watch newbie question!)

    Just purchased a Breitling Colt Automatic Chronograph (my first serious watch) about a month ago. It's currently running about 10 to 15 seconds per day slow. I took it in to a local well reviewed watch repairer to have him take a brief look at it, and he determined that it needs a new...
  5. !!!SOLD!!! Breitling Colt GMT - A32350 - NEWLY SERVICED - boxes/papers!!!

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    Full Breitling service/overhaul September 2013. All boxes and papers are pristine - see photos (more and bigger ones in the eBay auction). Breitling Colt GMT - A32350 - NEWLY SERVICED - boxes/papers!!! | eBay
  6. Breitling UK overhaul - what a fantastic job they do!

    It was a long wait - 14 weeks, but well worth it. My Colt GMT has come back incredibly shiny and bright. Winding is noticeably smoother. They even replaced the hands! thanks for looking, Francis
  7. !!!SOLD!!! FS: Breitling Colt GMT Auto - A32350 - full Breitling UK overhaul September 2013!

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    Just returned from Breitling UK full service including overhaul (£280) - my Colt GMT Automatic. I purchased the watch new from my local Breitling AD, Lunn's the Jewellers in Belfast, 27th November 2004. This is the complete set - box, all papers, tags, even the plastic bezel guard; all has been...
  8. Breitling UK service/overhaul - an abnormally long wait?

    Hello all! I'm just curious whether 14 weeks is an unusually long time to wait for a relatively simple Breitling to return from service? I sent my Colt GMT to the Breitling UK service centre on June 8th via the local AD where I bought it. It's the bracelet model and I think it's down for the...

    Hi everybody, this is the first time I write in this wonderful forum and I would like to thank all people of the community. I am fond of alarm watches and I own different AS 5008 based watch and two Seiko Bell-Matic. Few days ago I made the big step, realizing a "dream", I bought a used Fortis...
  10. Seiko USA watch repair quote, worth it?

    Back on the Seiko forum after poking my head into various Swiss and vintage threads cause I miss my old diver ;( Anyway, I sent in my midsize automatic diver's watch (SKX013) to the US Seiko repair center (New Jersey) this week for a new back gasket, a bezel adjustment (it's really tight when...
  11. Tag Heuer Aquaracer (CAF5011) problem with chrono....?

    TAG Heuer
    i posted this question in response to an older thread with similar subject but thought it might be worth its own thread. Thanks in advance for any help! hi everyone - i've been a lurker for a while and recently purchased a used Carrera Chrono and decided what i really wanted was the AR chrono i...
  12. Ball Watch Service/Overhaul and Cleaning

    Ball Forum
    I bought a Ball watch from an owner about a year ago and the watch has been EXCELLENT until recently. It started to speed up and slow down. Basically the time was all over the place. I took the watch to my local AD and the price quoted for an overhaul/cleaning was $300. 1. Has anyone else...