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  1. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I've owned my Paketa Big Zero for over a year, and the original plating on the Paketa crown is near completely gone. I have temporarily replaced it with a generic crown, that fit without cutting down the stem. I am interested in purchase a, like new/near new/very little wear showing, OEM...
  2. Russian watches
    Hi folks. I need help finding the correct size screws to hold my 2609 HA movement in the Raketa case. The current screw heads are too small to keep it steady so the movement is wiggling around in the case. Does anyone know a screw size that will work, or where I could get them? The orange arrows...
  3. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi I'm looking for a modern Raketa Seaman / Ракета Моряк Watch is review is on the 24hr forum Also if anyone is selling a second hand Sevastopol
  4. Russian watches
    So, as a gift I ordered this Raketa for my father. He thinks 24 hour watches are very interesting. I'm just not sure if the watch is real or franken... could you guys help shed some light on it, since I'm really new to Russian peices?
  5. Russian watches
    Hi! I'm a new member here, and I'm from Finland. And no, we don't have polar-bears here, just regular ones. I wanna show you my USSR/CCCP watches. Just Raketas, but I do really love these watches. I'll do my best to write English, and Google Translate is my very good friend for now! But there...
  6. Russian watches
    I am painfully new to the world of Russian watches and noticed there were a number of helpful experts in these parts. So I thought I'd pose a quick question. The Raketa I just purchased looks to be in great shape--came with box, holster, papers, etc. It appears to be a standard issue late 80s...
  7. 24 Hour watches
    Hey all, I've recently started buying watches that I like, and I purchased a 24 hour Raketa watch off of eBay. After some research, I'm sure that it's not genuine (the bridge on the movement says 2628.h, which as I understand it is a 12hr movement which can be modified to be a 24h movement)...
  8. Russian watches
    So I have been scouring the web and I came across these two. I believe the Raketa Perpetual Calendar looks to be authentic after seeing other prime expamples. :think: But the Raketa Big Zero is one that seems to still give me a hard time. :-s I need to do more homework that is for sure. I don't...
  9. Russian watches
    Hello all, I decided to take the plunge and buy a few more modern Raketas, these are both Mechanical 2609.HA movements. First up is the Winter Olympics edition of their "Big Zero" dial named "Raketa for Sochi". The second is the Pilot with the 12 hour dial. first impressions are good. Whomever...
  10. Russian watches
    I have been wanting to purchase a vintage Raketa for a while, especially a Perpetual Calendar model, but have been putting it off. So I came across these two on web site. Reading horror stories from others who have made purchases for a franken watch, I wanted to first ask you all what you think...
  11. Russian watches
    I have fairly big wrists so I was afraid the Big Zero would not wear well. I just got this a couple of days ago from the Ukraine. On Bond Style Nato: On Red and Black NATO (taken in low light): I think it looks good on both NATO straps...
  12. Russian watches
    Hi. I found this watch in a trunk full of other things in the storage room at home. Can anyone tell me if this watch is a vintage watch or a replica? I don't really mind if it is indeed a replica because it works very well, but I would like to know if it is. Thanks for taking a look. :D
  13. Russian watches
    It seems everyone likes the collage photos so I'm making some with the few Russians I have. It takes a while and I only finished 2 today. I have 4 more I'll try to finish tomorrow. [1] My first Russian, Sub-commander T34x case Komandirske [2] Tank-commander, T34x Komandirskie, TiN coated case
  14. Russian watches
    There is one on ebay that is north of $200 with 5 days left. No papers or anything but it looks to be in spectacular condition. Its a beautiful watch but out of my grasp. I think it shot up faster than a mint Okean.
  15. Russian watches
    I posted in the parts watch is anyone had one but I'm wondering if they Paketa used a standard size for the crystal. Anyone have any numbers on hand. I know Ofrei has a bunch of sizes.
  16. Russian watches
    I found what looked like a nice Paketa 24 hour World timezone watch. It came in today and is flawless as far as the case is concerned. I noticed the crown that controls the inner bezel is loose but that is normal according to other owners. I will post pictures later. It's a big watch, 40mm...
  17. Russian watches
    I came across this raketa copernic on ebay. It's my first ebay purchase and if the price hadn't been so low, I might not have bid. The pics were not the best and I'm hoping for the best. I checked with and seems the watch is ok as far as the dial and hands are concerned. It's...
  18. Russian watches
    I want some concrete information on the Raketa (Paketa) 24 hour watches so that I (and anyone else) can safely buy one. I know that the Raketa made many variations. [1] Date of Manufacture: What times were they produced and what was the last year of their production? I think we can break them...
  19. Russian watches
    This isn't the fancy 2 time zone ones I seen but it is very clean. I like the color but the height of the glass seems a bit too much. What do you guys think? The Glass seems so big. Is this the same for the 2 crown watches?
  20. Russian watches
    I was looking at the Paketa 24 hrs posted recently. The next watch I want should be unique so I'm still waiting for the right one. Looking at the dial, it seems to me that the readings are in increments of 10 minutes. Is that correct? If so, there's no way I can tell if I'm gonna be late for...
1-20 of 21 Results