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  1. Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    How do brands work on selection of decoration? Is there a patent available for decoration, if so.. how is it protected?
  2. Watch Concepts & Designs
    I just got my demo/sample home. Some people are saying it's a copy of Patek. Others says it just reminds of it. I'm nervous if I could get sewed or get a fine for selling this watch design? Thank you!
  3. Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    So here is my problem: I've been looking at winders for quite some time now and I see a lot of debate on whether a winder is better for your watch and if expensive winders are worth it. I read a lot of people who said the a expensive winder is better because it counts the number of rotations...
  4. Watchmaking
    Hello, The "bracelet link pins vs bracelet link screws" question has had rather healthy debate here at WUS. Many prefer screws, while many prefer pins. Though there does seem to be one consensus that emerged - absolutely every one loves the IWC ingenieur pin system which uses a button on the...
  5. Public Forum
    For those manufacturing watches (particularly dive watches), there are limited choices in hand set design. I see a lot of duplication when it comes to hands, and I was wondering if design patents can apply to them. Any ideas?
  6. Public Forum
    If one wanted to revive some old movements (1950s-60s), what sort of legal/patent issues would be involved? The common ETA movements are cloned by quite a few companies these days, because the patents went up. Could the same be done with other movements?
  7. Public Forum
    If, say, someone wanted to resurrect a watch movement from the 60s to have them cased into newer watches, who owns the patents on these?? Do movement patents expire? And if so, how quickly?
  8. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    FS: Brand New Michele Watches 20mm Yellow Patent Leather Strap - $50 (incl. paypal & shipping fees) Change the look of your watch with a sleek, patent leather strap. This yellow strap is easily interchangeable with any 20mm Michele watch, and the stainless steel buckle has the signature logo...
1-8 of 8 Results