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  1. Should I trade my Pathfinder for a Suunto?

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hello, I wanted to run this by the experts...I currently have a Pathfinder PAW-1100. I have the opportunity to trade it straight across for a Suunto X6M regular with the leatherish strap. Curious what all of your take is on if I should make this trade and what the pros and cons would be...
  2. Casio prg-80.?? I don´t know..Suunto Vector Yes!!!!!

    Casio G-Shock
    :-) Why Suunto? Because is the First watch in Everest, Suunto is considered precision instrument, this in the manual also has ISO Norm. Casio..?..No....:-s Well..It is difficult to accept in the manual of the Casio that the watch don´t it can be used as precision instrument...