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  1. a vintage gold pendant ladies watch value

    Public Forum
    Hi, I'm new here. :-) I have a vintage 14k gold pendant ladies watch. I'd like to know it's value. I there a forum i can write on to get a value of this watch? Here's a pic of this watch
  2. New girl here, Need help identifying a pendant watch

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I have a Tenor, 17 Jewels, Antimagnetic, Swiss made watch pendant. The backing display is a floral design in black base. I opened it to find a serial number and there is not one anywhere. The only imprint is SWISS 17 JEWELS on the clock piece. The floral backing cover is actually inscribed with...
  3. Bucherer Pendant Watch

    Public Forum
    I have a Ladies Bucherer Pendant watch from My mother's estate that she bought in Switzerland in the year 2000. The card that came with it describes it as Luz/ 5659 there is an Article number 038-301-3. it is about 1 inch in diameter, silver and very ornate. It needs the battery replaced but...