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  1. Looking for a nice pen under $50

    Luxury & Lifestyle
    Hi all, I'm looking for a nice pen in the 25-50 dollar range. I know basically nothing about pen brands, so if you can post some that are decent, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Hysek live report

    JCK 2015 Las Vegas
    Hysek is an independent watch lifestyle brand with watches, pens, cufflinks, and other accessories in its portfolio. Hysek also differentiates itself from other brands by making unconventional designs to presenting things in unconventional manner. Furtif 44mm Chronograph Grande Date This is...
  3. Fountain Pens - My collection

    Pens & Writing instruments
    Dear Friends, Through this thread i wish to share my insignificant collection of pens. My collection is made up of mostly Indian fountain pens. I consider myself as an Infant in the world of Fountain pens and would need the help of all you friends here to know them better. I hope you enjoy...
  4. Machined Pen and ruler sleeve

    Writing Instruments - Sellers, Sponsors, Dealers
    Tech Force Pens: Machined Pen and Ruler Sleeve combo: Both the pen and sleeve are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum. The sleeve is etched with metric and imperial ruler indications. Using either the Hi-tec-C ink cartridge or the G-Tec C4. Available at
  5. FS: MINORITY LABORATORY Solid Aluminium Heat Sink Pen ML-A-001

    Writing Instruments - Sellers, Sponsors, Dealers
    MINORITY LABORATORY Solid Aluminium Heat Sink Pen ML-A-001 PRICE: USD$78.00 BRAND NEW AUTHORIZED DEALER ​ Carved right out of solid alminium, this pen is light as a feather for it's size. Large diameter base ideal for desk pen. Max grip diameter: 13.7mm Max base diameter: 25.0mm Length...
  6. Custom made High quality crafted writing instruments

    Writing Instruments - Sellers, Sponsors, Dealers
    See many more models here; All model Hooligan Pens are available. Hooligan Spalted Alder Rollerball Pen Model #holigan-sa-ss-rb-pen The price below is for the exact pen pictured. This black ink Rollerball pen is crafted of hand-turned and hand-finished Spalted Alder. Additional details...
  7. Exceptional, high quality ink pens featuring exotic wood infills

    Writing Instruments - Sellers, Sponsors, Dealers
    The Hooligan Pen Company creates exceptional, high quality ink pens featuring exotic wood infills. Every infill is painstakingly hand-turned and hand-finished by a single craftsman in a small custom wood-working studio right here in Orange County, California. This skilled cabinet maker has...
  8. help me identify this pen

    Pens & Writing instruments
    Hello, I need your help in identifying this pen. Here is what I know it is a Rotring brushed gold roller ball pen that was made around 1980. I contacted the company in Germany and all they could tell me is that one of the employees there remembers the pen as being made by them in the...
  9. Silver Lake Woodworks - new custom fountain pens by Justin Short

    Writing Instruments - Sellers, Sponsors, Dealers
    Silver Lake Woodworks is proud to welcome Justin Short as a featured artist. While only on the penturning scene for a short time, Justin has quickly mastered the art of custom pencrafting and is highly respected by his colleagues. His work is among the best in its class, and only matched by his...
  10. Lamy Persona Ballpoints and rollerball.

    Writing Instruments - Sellers, Sponsors, Dealers
    I have a Lamy Persona Titanium ballpoint in black as well as regular Titanium. I also habve a Lamy Persona Platinum pen I would be looking to sell. Any offers wouold be connsidered.Please email [email protected] if intterested.I have a Persona ballpoint and rollerball set which is brand new as...
  11. Seeking guidance

    Pens & Writing instruments
    Greetings everyone, I am new to the pen and writing instrument forum. I have come by this site via google searches, and it seems that I may have come to the right place to find some information. Currently I have a collection of limited edition pens that I am looking to put up for sale on this...
  12. De Atramentis Fountain Pen Inks Now Available at the Pear Tree Pen Company!

    Writing Instruments - Sellers, Sponsors, Dealers
    I am very excited to announce that the Pear Tree Pen Company now carries De Atramentis fountain pen inks. I was first introduced to this wonderful range of bottled ink a few years ago, and was instantly impressed. Finding them in the U.S., however, proved to be a Herculean task. Recently that...
  13. Writing Instruments Sales corner Rules & Guidelines

    Writing Instruments - Sellers, Sponsors, Dealers
    Sales Corner Rules & Guidelines This Sales Corner is open to all kinds of writing instrument sellers! Each sales post must have a good description of the writing instrument Each sales post must have an asking price (you are advised to leave the price after you sold your items for future...