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  1. Public Forum
    There are a lot of threads asking whether a given watch is too big, and then they are accompanied by a photo in which the camera is so close that the watch basically fills the whole frame. This is not how you or others will look at your watch! When you put the watch that close to the camera...
  2. Jaeger-LeCoultre
    Went browsing at a JLC boutique for a Reverso and here are some wrist shots to compare the sizes. My right wrist is 19cm, though probably rounder in shape rather than flatter. Hope this help anyone in the meantime :-). From top to bottom on wrist photos: Reverso Classic Medium Thin Q2548520...
  3. Seiko
    I absolutely love this watch, it's gorgeous with that sunburst dial and golden hands. I fall in love with this watch every day that I wear it. I also wanted to show of this lovely picture that I took of it!
  4. Public Forum
    A lot of the collections we drool over the most are also fairly predictable exercises in checking the main iconic boxes: Speedy, Sub, etc. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, I’m currently interested in seeing some collections that go off the beaten path, so to speak: unique...
  5. Photography
    AutoHDR - One-click HDR Imaging from single photos Checks:!/results/file/ZTE2MTIzMHJ5S2UxeGY0U2xTSmxaTFUtOXNDeA/regular/analysis AutoHDR2.1.8.exe | 0/35 | NoDistribute is a scam or legit |...
  6. Dive watches
    Here she is – H2O HYDRA – After seeing this pic it was clear – I need at least one…. It is the Titanium Grade 5 version with the Titanium Grade 5 GMT/Cali bezel set, black dial and the flat sapphire. To be honest I am very happy with this piece. The watch is very light, is smooth...
  7. Citizen
    Citizen BJ7081-51E GMT Ecodrive For some time, my collection was lacking a watch with a GMT complication. Unfortunately, mechanical watches with GMT complication are often quite expensive so due to limited budget my eyes steered towards Citizen’s offering and their popular Ecodrive movements...
  8. Image Gallery
  9. Officine Panerai
    Here I will be posting my pictures of Panerai watches from time to time
  10. Watchmaking
    Hello all! I have a caliber 0850 eco-drive that stopped holding a charge a few weeks ago. I noticed that the run time was declining and that I was having to actually make an effort to charge the watch whereas before the process was completely transparent. Anyway, I ordered a replacement cell...
  11. Photography
    Hi all, I'm wondering about how important seeing good photos of the watch you want is in the process of you buying them? I notice that many of the micro brands, and a few of the larger ones sell quite briskly, without having very good advertising- or product photos. Is this a factor at all...
  12. Omega
    Hi all, I have been following the forum for a long time, but pretty much the first time to post here. Quick sharing of a photo of my 42mm Black on Black Planet Ocean. Enjoy. Piero
  13. News from the Watch Industry
    Girard-Perregaux unveils through Social Media explosive photo shoot by photography duo Markus and Indrani The power of a good picture is worth more than talking about a product? Well, maybe a combination of the two is always the best (sometimes a product needs or deserves to be explained), but...
  14. Orient watch reviews
    Hello, my friends! I'd like to represent series of my Orient watch reviews. You can find a lot of quality shots, including macro. Enjoy! Orient Star GMT Quartz chronograph Orient FTD0T005B0 Orient Star Skeleton Orient Star Open Heart Orient Star Retrograde part 1 and part 2 Mens quartz Orient...
  15. Public Forum
    Hi! I'm looking for additional pictures of the Longines Master Collection L2.666.4.78.6: Specifically a wrist shot that shows its thickness, if anyone has one handy! Also if you own one, let me know your thoughts on the watch. Sadly I can't find a longines dealer here in the Philippines so...
  16. Orient
    A Mako photo. I know they're rarely seen around these parts ... ;-) TT
  17. Orient
    Hello, all! This weekends was too rainy, so I dedicated it to photosession with my watches. Enjoy my Orient X STI Limited Edition 963/1000! Full version of my review and many other shots you can see on my site: Orient X STI Limited Edition (SER1S001B)
  18. Tissot
    I have decided to level-up my watch taste to Tissot, being a fan of mostly divers watches and having the monsters, makos and such I always had issues with the crystal glass and this one ,although not a diver's, caught my eyes and you know the rest! You start googling photos and specs and before...
1-18 of 31 Results