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  1. What are the best iPhone setting to photograph a watch??

    Hi all - been meaning to post this for a little while because of all the great photos posted to the site and mine have been a bit lackluster...mostly with the focus. I enjoy photography and have a nice Nikon camera but I’m not going to totally change my lifestyle just to take better pics of my...
  2. Show us your NIGHTHAWK shots!

    I'll get it started off...
  3. Ressence Type 3 "Black Black"

    Image Gallery
  4. Great grandfather's pocket watch

    I recently inherited this old pocket watch from my late grandmother. It was received by her father as a 50-years birthday present from his employer. I haven't done any watch photography before (even though Ming Thein is my photography guru). So I borrowed a consumer-grade Olympus camera and the...
  5. Tiffany Dial Patek Philippe - My 6006G

    High-end watches
    Took some high quality photos of this tiny masterpiece. Would love to see any other Tiffany Dialed Pateks, if you've got em!
  6. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Spinnaker Dumas 300m Automatic Diver

    Affordable watches
    Bumped into a Spinnaker Dumas 300m Automatic Diver at a local watch outlet sale (MSRP $420) and couldn't resist for the discounted price. Didn't expect such an elaborate packaging to arrive at my door! Thoroughly impressed. Feels rather like unboxing an Oris. The presentation, that is. Not the...
  7. My new Baume et Mercier after problems with JomaShop! Check it out

    Public Forum
    Getting this watch to work was a pain. I ordered it from Jomashop and they never sent me a refund letter so it was impossible for me to send it back but when I actually received it, the barcode or so had an expiry date making it once again impossible for me to send it from Switzerland to the US...
  8. Very bad news and advice needed please (contains lots of tips on how to sell watches too)

    Affordable watches
    They say that a burden shared is a burden halved. F71 was extremely supportive when I was diagnosed a couple years back with two brain tumours. Many fellow WIS's asked me to keep them posted, which really was a great support for me. I'm afraid I have some bad news to share. It's looking very...
  9. Watch Photography Using Mobile Phone

    A small video on how I click the pics and edit using mobile phone. I am currently using Samsung galaxy Note 4. All the steps are on mobile phone. Hope this video helps. Believe me its very easy and does not take more than a couple of minutes. Just sharing my way of doing things. Feel free to...
  10. Super Basic Lighting How-To for Shooting Your Watch

    Public Forum
    I posted this information elsewhere in response to questions I received about these photos of the Erroyl Heritage Rose (seen here with a different strap choice that I tried on a whim... and love)... The question was about how I shot these, and the answer is simply with an iPhone and some...
  11. Another My First Sinn Post

    I've always admired Sinn, heard great things about their quality and how cool their technology is, but I've always been a dress watch guy and didn't look too deeply into them. Then two things happened: I saw a picture of a Sinn 101 panda, which is just amazing, and I met someone in real life who...
  12. Photos of affordable watches taken with affordable equipment

    Affordable watches
    Hallo! Until recently I've not really been able to take any really decent photos of my watches since I was lacking a macro lens. Given my limited budget, a new first-party lens wasn't really an option, so I had a browse on eBay. I found an excellent screw-fit Pentax 50mm f/4 lens made in around...
  13. Photographing at Baselworld

    Hi! I hope this is the right place for my question. I am planning to attend the Baselworld 2015 as a visitor and my question is, if anyone knows; Is it ok to take photos on the exhibitor booths and the watches displayed without proper press accreditation at Baselworld? Does anyone know about...
  14. Aperture setting for watch photography

    Hi All I am looking to take photography of watches to the next level as such am in the market for a camera. Part of my decision process is based around aperture settings in manual mode. Does anyone know the best aperture setting (range) for watch photography? I have a small studio set up...
  15. Warning - TONS of pics - my first real watch finally arrived: Steinhart OVM

    I am a very happy man today. My first "real" watch buy has come a knocking. Here's a bunch of first shots. I am still new to watch photography, so give me some time (and also, give me a macro lens please!) Sorry about dust/smudges I see in some of the shots. Ok, here we go: For those inclined...
  16. Vostok Amphibian on Navy NATO

    Image Gallery
    Hi guys! I am new here, have been lurking around for a while. Just ordered this beautiful Vostok Amphibia Blue Scuba Guy from zenitar for use when hiking/camping/flyfishing in the woods outside Oslo, where I live. Decided to take some pics of it while it is still new and unscratched, so brought...
  17. Watches as Still Life

    So we have a wrist check thread. How about one for watches off the wrist in staged still life shots / product shots...
  18. What Valbray has to do with Leica's 100th Anniversary?

    On the occasion of the 100 years anniversary of Leica photography, Valbray and Leica unveil the EL1 Chrono. In “avant-première” during Baselworld Fair 2014 (Palace, booth P23), the watch will be officially launch at the opening of the new Leica manufacture, the 23rd of May 2014 in Wetzlar...
  19. Importance of photography in buying watches. (xpost from main forum)

    Hi all, I'm wondering about how important seeing good photos of the watch you want is in the process of you buying them? I notice that many of the micro brands, and a few of the larger ones sell quite briskly, without having very good advertising- or product photos. Is this a factor at all...
  20. LLD goes diving in Pakistan

    Dive watches
    Disclaimer: No underwater shots. I subject all of my dive watches to the treatment they were built to endure, but I am seldom around folks with an underwater camera. Plan is to get an underwater camera in 2014. Stay tuned. Here are some shots from a recent trip to Pakistan. Karachi is not known...