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  1. Public Forum
    I have been noticing that manufactures and experienced sellers almost invariably take photos of watches after setting them to either 10:10 or 1:50 (as the pics in this post show) - these are the 2 smiley faces of the watch, and in my opinion the smiley faces actually do look better. On the other...
  2. Public Forum
    I've gotten into the habit of wearing my Seiko SPB143 diver over my coat as I shovel and snowblow (8" so far today) so I can keep an eye on the time. What watch do you wear if you know you will be going into extreme weather conditions? Share any photos or stories you have.
  3. Public Forum
    Legibility is usually the thing I look for first in a watch. Tonight, watching TV in a dark room, I happened to glance at my Steinhart Marine and found myself marveling at how easily readable the time was, even at a weird, shallow angle -- which prompted me to snap this photo, and to start this...
  4. Public Forum
    The year is almost over - for some it already is! As we're counting down our last hours of this unique year, let's reflect on our memorable watch related moments this year! Show off your best 2018 purchases and photos! Here's mine: My favourite acquirement this year was my 1970 Astromatic...
  5. Public Forum
    Hi, considering a gold plated watch, with the idea of down dress it with a Nato band.. what's your opinion on gold plated watches? let see them. PS. This is the one I may get..
  6. Affordable watches
    Hey! I thought it'd be cool if everyone put together some of their watches that would be under 1500$; mainly because I wanna see what nice watches I could buy for that much haha! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Public Forum
    Greetings fellow watch lovers! Would love to see a thread going of pictures of your very first Vostok timepiece! My first piece is on its way. Mega excited!! |>
  8. Public Forum
    Watches and keyboards are two things that most of us will probably come into contact with every day. Lets see those photos of the two together. At minimum, this will give us a bit of distraction at the office or the classroom!
  9. Longines Photo Album
    Let's see your favorite Longines pic(s)
  10. Images
    Hello All, Here is my new Casio G-shock G-7900-3 , the olive green is one of the sexiest colors to me , Wish you enjoy the pictures
  11. Rolex & Tudor
    I bought this watch in May 2013 and it has become my favorite daily wearer. Extremely nice finish, very comfortable on both the leather strap and nato, and the gilt touches on the dial are stunning. Here are some shots of it on the boat while diving last weekend (Anilao, near Manila...
  12. Dive watches
    The Turtle just arrived so here are some pics. I'll come back with comments and more photos with the bracelet on.
  13. 24 Hour watches
    i get a question, which model is this timex plz i need your
  14. Orient
    I let the photos do the talking, Blue Ray is as nice looking as you see in the photos. I have scratched mine:-( but Im gonna keep my ray anyways :-! Also in some of the shots you can see how exposed the crystal is which IMO is the biggest con of this watch. Enjoy ;-)
  15. Orient
    This is my first watch from Orient and I thought I'd post up some images here since there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of this model around the internet. I love the asymmetrical placement of the complications. The bracelet has a beautiful brushed finish with two lines of polished steel...
  16. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Classic Fortis Flieger with white face, skeleton hands and day/date complication, on a new Chronosimo leather strap. This watch is a wonderful aviator design from one of my favorite watch makers. It's in very good condition, with only a few very tiny dings on the case that are darn near...
  17. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I got this watch in a trade, but it never quite bonded with me. It's a very nice, clean design by a well-respected Swiss watch brand that isn't as widely known in the US as it probably ought to be. The watch I'm selling is in the "All Dial" line. It's the Black/Orange titanium model, I...
  18. Russian watches
    Have spent a lot of time doing these photos, hope you will enjoy them Regards
1-19 of 31 Results