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  1. HELP: SEIKO SKX009- Spring Bars Sticking Out After Resize?

    Hi Everyone! Bought my first real watch over the weekend as a first step into this great hobby and went with the infamous SKX009! Today I took my watch to Macys to get the bracelet resized and noticed when I got home that I had a protruding spring bar on the clasp in the micro-adjustment slots...
  2. Milgauss Strap Pins

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hi, ive had my milgauss for a few years now and love it to bits. this weekend however it nearly came off my wrist, one of the screw pins that holds the bracelet links together had (unknown to me) been slowly unwinding itself, it came out of the bracelet and ive no idea where it is but we were...
  3. WTB: Omega Seamaster 2531.80 bracelet extra links +pins/tubes

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi guys, I'm trying to source a used Omega Seamaster 2531.80 bracelet link and pins/tubes, the watch I bought did not come with any. Thanks!
  4. Seiko Monster 2nd Generation Bracelet Pin Size/Model?

    I received the SRP311K1 today, went to pick it up at the local 7-11 Amazon Locker ( just enter the code and the locker opens! ) I had to adjust the links. Long story short I might have messed up some of the pins and collars. Some of the pins seem to come out a bit from the link and do not...
  5. Seiko SSC019P1 - loose pins and missing collars

    Hello WatchuSeek, My first post! I've just purchased a Seiko SSC019P1. I had the bracelet adjusted by a jeweller, but it seems his young assistant did the job. They now cannot find the collars that they need to re-insert into the strap to keep the pins in. I obviously took my watch away, and...
  6. Dial mounting pin positions

    Some movements are quite common yet extremely diverse (e.g. Unitas/ETA 6497/6498). You can buy numerous dials as parts of DIY projects. What I'm unsure about is the placement of the dial mounting pins. Are all movements of a given model (say, 6497) guaranteed to have mounting holes in the...
  7. Pins / Bars for IWC 3717-04 strap

    Straps & Bracelets
    Hi there, I just bought a new croc strap for my 3717-04. Anyone know spec of pins to buy. I want to use new pins when I change out straps to ensure a safe/secure fit A friend recommended Esslinger but there are so many options and variations on a 21mm pin I'm not sure what to get. Can anyone...
  8. Where to get pins (not spring bars) for Accutron VX-200 Chrono bracelet

    Dive watches
    I purchased a VX-200 Chrono on a leather strap but I always wanted the bracelet. I later purchased a bracelet (actually from the same member by chance) but I had since given away the pins that came with the leather because I had some 23 mm spring bars that worked great and were easier to change...
  9. Marathon JSAR bracelet is getting loose.

    Dive watches
    Hey guys, for some reason my Marathon JSAR bracelet gets loose when i clap my hands hard or i high five someone. One of the pins just pops out. The bracelet fits comfortable and is not tight to my wrist but not super loose. The company where i ordered were nice enough to send me a brand new pin...
  10. spring-pin holes wearing

    Casio G-Shock
    My newly-stealthed 8400 Muddie seems to have worn holes for the spring-pins holding the strap to go into, meaning that it regularly detaches itself at inopportune moments (often when putting on or taking off). I'm intending to take it to the States at the weekend - I'm booked on a boat...