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  1. Winder for Pluton 3300

    Hi Guy's I have a Pluton Navitimer quartz 3300 from 1986 i believe. Its missing its winder.. Stem and crown. Is there any chance of getting a replacement? As Ive no idea if the watch works ( i last used it about 15 years ago) i dont want to spend a fortune as Im not worried about...
  2. FS: Breitling Intruder ?750.- / $990.- (just serviced)

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    FS: Breitling Intruder €750.- / $990.- (just serviced) Breitling Intruder just serviced! For sale a Breitling Intruder in good condition. Box and papers included. The watch comes with a leather strap witch Breitling buckle and a original Breitling bracelet with two extra links. The watch has...
  3. FS: Breitling Intruder $1200 (all-in)

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    A Breitling Intruder in good condition. Box and papers included. Besides the bracelet and extra links a brown leather strap is included with Breitling buckle. To make this deal complete a original Breitling standard is included. Specifications: Model: Intruder Production Years: 1998-1999...
  4. Looking for informations : Breitling Navitimer pluton 3100 - 80192

    Hello everyone. I would like to first introduce myself, Daniel, from France. I collect watches (but sadly do not know much about them...). I collect mostly watches that combine analog and digitals, mainly Seiko Sportura models. And I love my Bulova's. Anyways I am coming here for a bit of...
  5. Can you help?

    I have a Breitling Pluton that I purchased many years ago in Italy and have enjoyed immensely along with some other watches I wear. One day, I noticed that one of the 'buttons' was off the watch but (amazingly) found it on my desk. In my misguided zeal to 'stick it back on' I attempted to press...
  6. 1995 Breitling Pluton

    I have a 1995 Breitling Pluton. Much loved 21st birthday present from my parents. I took it to Watches of Switzerland in London a few weeks ago to get repaired. I thought it just needed a new battery. They sent it to Breitling who have replied to them saying that the parts are no longer...
  7. Download User Manual?

    Is there a site where you can download Breitling user manuals? I looked at, but can't make their @#$%^& flash crap navigate in Firefox. I recently acquired an Intruder, but it didn't come with the book.