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  1. Pobeda 802k review

    Movement ZIM 2602 Case dia 32mm Strap width 16mm Manufacture :1946-1950 Kirov watch factory then ZIM watch factory
  2. POBEDA ZIM glass crack

    Russian watches
    Hi all, I purchased a Pobeda over the weekend with the knowledge it had a crack along the side of the glass (not visible from the front as it's on the edge of the glass). See the pictures below: Is this crack likely to creep and where could I get an new glass front if I need to? Not...
  3. New pobeda - zim ... arrived today

    Russian watches
    New arrival: pobeda - zim ... got it this morning At 33 mm without the crown is the smallest men's watch I have ... I will buy a good bund for this puppy to give it a little bit more wrist presence :-! Here is the unveiling b-) edit : clarified the tittle ... or tried to...