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  1. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I'm a complete newbie in pocket watches but I am looking to buy my first one and I need your help in picking one. I did not manage to find useful information on what pocket watch brands and sellers are reputable. My price ceiling for a watch is $250-300 USD. My main criteria is for them to be...
  2. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi, I received this watch from my late grandad, he served in Singapore in ww2 and was a POW he said he kept this through his time there could someone please help to identify. Thank you
  3. Public Forum
    Hi, I have recently purchased a pocketwatch movement in a watch case but wasn't sure what band is this high grade movement is. The watch has been engraved with a patek phillipe and not patek philippe. Been trying to find a similar watch layout for this movement but with no luck. Please could...
  4. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello any and all, I have a fusee movement that is 18k, both cases and running perfectly. Can anyone help me to identify the maker, origin, age and value of my watch? Any information is greatly appreciated. Normally I am able to use a serial number to find the information in a database, but...
  5. NAWCC Forum
    Hi I am new to the forum, so 'hello' all. I have an old 14 kt gold 'Hunter' pocket watch that I am trying my best to find out who made it and the approximate time it may have been made. The inside of the face is has the following: Marque deposee and a face in a diamond hallmark, then underneath...
  6. Public Forum
    Hi any info on my pocket watch would be appreciated. It says Andrew campbell on the face. Can’t even find information about the maker.
  7. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello everyone. Can someone give me a brand and price idea on this vintage pocket watch?
  8. Public Forum
    I am in possession of a 14k pocket watch made by Herman Lucke, dated 1901. A jeweler said its value was only in the gold. As I am not versed in watches, I would like your educated opinions please.
  9. Public Forum
    Good day folks! I'm incredibly new to watches, and I've been wondering about something. Sometime in June, I got a wristwatch as a gift. It's a chronograph of an unknown make and model (All I can make out is "M(swiss cross)Watch"). Anyways, I've been starting to wear it now properly, but the...
  10. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I bought a this pocket watch as a child. I have been doing some research and it seems my watch is pre 1870s as the Swiss Makers hallmark is missing but the German Crown and moon mark is present. I am hoping someone can help shed some light on the maker and original of this watch. There is some...
  11. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi, I’ve inherited this Tempora watch and I would like to know if any of you would provide me further information about its year, its history or its value. I cannot find the brand registers but I do have the serial number (as you can see in picture 3). Thank you!
  12. Public Forum
    Dear all Please help to get more info about this beautiful watch . Kindly check out the photos and if you want more specific photos please mention in the comment Many Thanks A. N
  13. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I stumbled across this old pocket watch and I'm completely clueless someone please help
  14. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Also would like to know the history behind them outside of what I’ve been able to google. Thanks
  15. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi All, I just joined the forum. I inherited this lovely timepiece and I am very curious if anyone can identify it. It seems to be rather well made but I have no idea the age or make of it. It was appraised by Sotheby's in 1980 between 5-7000k. Although, they made no mention of the maker...
  16. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello I am looking for a pocket watch with Arabic numbers ١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩ not 1234567890. As I have seen online wristwatches but not pocket watches ? Any advice gratefully received. Yours Farhan
  17. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello. I noticed that the crown on my pocket watch did not wind up the spring, but continued to move the hands. I removed the cover to investigate and found that if I removed the white plastic covering and pushed the mechanism slightly towards the crown, the crown would switch properly again...
  18. Photo Album
    i can’t find any info on this type of watch! i’m kind of new to this whole watch scene haha i think this watch company is called buren but i’m not sure. it has some writing inside the back of the watch.
  19. Vintage & Pocket watches
    So, I picked up this recently as I am new at pocket watch collecting, but I've loved them since I was a kid. Trouble is, is that I can't find this version of this model anywhere. I have found a steel case version, but this one is 18k gold. Picked it up for cheap, doesnt run, however, I quite...
  20. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Everything is in the title :) I'm looking for a mechanical skeleton open face pocket watch in stainless steel under 150€. Is it possible to find one or I'm living in a dream ? haha If you have any recommandation, websites, sellers etc... I'm open to every suggestion Thank you so much in...
1-20 of 45 Results